Hamburger - Pizza - Chicken, How to eat healthy?

[By Lee Hee Soo] Fast foods are easy and convenient alternatives when you are too busy or in a situation where you can’t cook. The short wait time is also a huge merit when it comes to fast foods. However, it is hard to consume nutrients that are good for your health because of the refining process and other additives. So let’s find out how to turn the most well-known fast foods such as hamburgers, pizza, and chicken into a more healthy meal.


Fast-food hamburgers that are sold at a store are pre-cooked and kept frozen and reheated to serve so it is fast and easy to serve. However, nutritional intake is insufficient because it is processed food and contains other additives.

Hamburgers can be healthy if you cook and enjoy them at home. Instead of using buns made out of refined flour, you can use rye bread to add savory taste and nutrition. All you have to do is add ground beef without any additives. Depending on your preference, you can add herbs in the patty to create an aromatic taste. You can complete a fresh and healthy hamburger by adding prepared vegetables.

# Pizza

Pizza is appetizing and can be enjoyed with thin and thick dough. Because fast food pizzas also need to be stored for long time, materials are stored frozen, and refined carbohydrates and excess fat can make it unhealthy.

Pizza can be made at home. You can taste the original taste with fresh ingredients prepared yourself, and you can add more toppings as much as you want. Replace dough made with refined flour with sweet potatoes to add sweetness and enjoy healthy carbohydrates. If you do not have an oven, cover the frying pan and slowly cook it in a weak flame.

# Chicken – Enjoy roast chicken instead of fried chicken

All parts of chicken are delicious such as chewy chicken legs, soft chicken wings and delicate chicken breast. But since it is often fried in oil, it contains unhealthy trans-fat.

Instead, oven cooked chicken can be a healthier alternate to fried chicken. Because it is so low in fat, it relieves the concern of trans-fat and calories. Oven roasted chicken brand Goobne Chicken, uses high temperature to roast the chicken in the oven and provides a healthy way to enjoy chicken. It has gained popularity among people in their 20s and 30s with menus that utilize various sauces.

Recently, it has attracted attention with its menu item 'Goobne Galbi King', which includes 10 kinds of veggies and fruits to create a roast galbi taste, and the menu of 'Goobne Volcano' has become a signature menu item that does not depend on the season. The Goobne Chicken, which is loved by young people is scheduled to open in Indonesia in the second half of the year.

(Photo by: Goobne Chicken, bntnews DB)


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