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[bnt interview] 'Park Yeol' Lee Je Hoon, Depicting Sincerity into Refractory Youth

[by Lim Hyun Ju] "I like spontaneous actings from my true feelings."

This is basically about Lee Je Hoon's acting attitude. Because of this, director Lee Jun Ik and other staffs worked on movie 'Park Yeol' delivered that he is like a hot pot.

He tried another challenge in his acting life through this film. He played the role of Park Yeol, who is a tough, confident and refractory adult in Chosun Dynasty. He mentioned that it felt burdened to play such a role.

"I was dragged into the character before I played the character; the process being how Park Yeol becomes a mortal sinner from a typical adult. I had a big assignment to show Park Yeol's aspects and ideas fighting against the flaws. Since I played the actual character, I worried a lot not to be a hero or to look better. I was just serious."

His duty was successful as Lee Jun Ik said, "Lee Je Hoon is an actor making big fires that he can't even handle."

Regarding this, Lee Je Hoon said, "I just like the spontaneous actings from my true feelings. During filming the movie, I focused on Park Yeol's messages. I wanted it to be more expressed as I needed to act more. As much as I focused on the character, I don't think I can do the same even if I turn back the times. I just poured everything out as much as I could."

He never wasted his time to understand his character perfectly. Since he wanted to show the true sides, not the fake ones, there were many struggles as well.

"While Park Yeol was in prison, he didn't eat. Well, it's more than that. I heard he was almost dead as he got skinnier and had tuberculosis. I wanted to depict that, so I didn't eat at all for the first time and my body got worse. Afterwards, I had Tteokbokki and it had the greatest taste in the world. (laugh)"

Despite of all the struggles, he could bear them because of his colleagues at the filming site.
"Staffs' devotions were undescribable. If they weren't there, I couldn't be here as well. They prepared a lot to draw Park Yeol and I'm appreciated for that. Due to the moments we spent together, its value was increased. I miss them all of sudden."

Lee Je Hoon mentioned that he cried at the end of the filming. He couldn't hide his love for the staffs, especially for the director Lee Jun Ik that produced 'Park Yeol'.

"I couldn't resist falling in love with the director's cute boy-like side. Now I realized why the staffs loved the director and now I agree with Park Jung Min."

He continued, "Now he is at the highest point as a director. He barely gives directions to the actors. He just wanted us to play around in the scene to drag our confidence" and didn't stop complimenting about the director.

'Park Yeol' draws the lives of Park Yeol and Fumiko. He might realize many things as he reenacted Park Yeol's life, not only learn from the history.

"Before this, I thought acting is the only element required for actors. However, there are special things for actors. My thoughts about making activities in volunteer and others went deeper. Leonardo Dicaprio talks about the environments a lot and makes films about it too. These things come bigger now."

He also turned back himself as "Am I a person that is confident in front of the world and history?" before he became Park Yeol. He sent a message to us in 2017.

"Unlike the generations back in times, we are living in the days everything is equal. Maybe we ignored too much the great men in our history. Through this film, I want these men to get highlights. Moreover, I want us to live with pride to solve the problems left unsolved. I will do that as well."

Meanwhile, 'Park Yeol' premiered on June 28. (photo by Younghwasa Haneul)

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