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‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’, How will the Broadcast of Park Narae- Jang Do Yeon’s R-rated Content that even Surprised brothers Kyu-Dong be?‘

[by Ent Team] Park Narae and Jang do Yeon’s R-rated actions made the Kyu-Dong brothers embarrassed.

On the 5th’s broadcast of JTBC’s ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’, eating companions Park Narae and Jang Do Yeon appeared on the show in Gwangju. The village selection was done through hit-or-miss as the first thought on ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’.

The location chosen through the spinning wheel was the center of Honam, in the ‘city of light’, Gwangju city. Among the places was also Bongseon-dong, often called ‘Gwangju’s Daechi-dong’, in which the Kyu-Dong brothers, Park Narae, and Jang Do Yeon went on a full-scale challenge.
It was sudden but with an excited heart the four arrived in Gwangju and couldn’t take their eyes off of the unique scenery such as palm trees growing in a home garden, etc.

Following this, the time to press the bell was running out, Park Narae and Jang Do Yeon’s but charm emitted a light. Park Narae shouted “I’m beautiful gag woman Park Narae” and challenged one meal and even showed off an individual skill of R-rated content with her whole body.

Motivated by Park Narae’s actions, Jang Do Yeon as expected launched set off her ‘Y dance’, to which Lee Kyung-Kyu roared “Stop!” as he was embarrassed. To the R-rated dance stage that spread out in front of the bell, the Kyu-Dong brothers couldn’t repress being embarrassed.

This type of Park Narae and Jang Do Yeon that can’t be blocked, their trouble-free one meal challenge can be checked out on the 5th’s broadcast of JTBC’s ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’ at 10:50 pm. (photo by JTBC ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’)

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