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‘Habaek’s Bride’ Shin Sekyung-Nam Joo Hyuk, Teary Embrace…’ Amplified ‘Thrilling+Affectionate’

[by Ent Team] Shin Sekyung’s face smeared in tears is the center of attention.

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Habaek’s Bride 2017’ (Script Jung Yoon Jung, Director Kim Byung Soo) is a comic fantasy romance about water god Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) who comes to the human world) and female doctor So Ah (Shin Sekyung) an extreme realist who is fated to serve as the god’s servant generation after generation.

The fated master-servant romance of the ‘water god’ and ‘servant of the god’ is stimulating the thrill of viewers.
Meanwhile, So Ah who shows a different affectionate expression and Habaek’s caught image is gaining attention. As if she has gone through a sad experience, So Ah’s face is red up till her nose as she bursts into tears. Habaek is confused at her sudden embrace but his dripping wet hair is especially eye-catching.

A thrill is presented in the contrast of the ceaselessly crying So Ah and her trembling eyes to the reliable shoulders of Habaek even in an embarrassing situation.

Previously, So Ah was called the ‘descendant of the servant of the god’ and was thrown into a loop by Ha Baek’s abrupt appearance telling her to do her duty.

Especially the ending of the 1st episode in the midst of Habaek giving So Ah a surprise kiss, a still frame of So Ah crying while hugging Habaek is raising curiosity. Just what caused So Ah to cry? How master-servant romance that went into a full-swing after first meeting Habaek will unfold is amplifying curiosity.

In relation the production crew of ‘Habaek’s Bride 2017’ disclosed “After So Ah’s surprise hug, we plan to critically spread out these two’s master-servant romance. So much that there’s the story of So Ah when she removes herself from Habaek she cries while hugging him, this can be checked out on the 2nd episode of ‘Habaek’s Bride 2017’.”
In the meantime, the 2nd episode of tvN drama ‘Habaek’s Bride 2017’ airs today (4th) at 10:50 pm. (photo by tvN ‘Habaek’s Bride 2017)

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