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Now Let’s Present Ourselves Stylishly with the Office Look!

[by Kim Min Soo] Recently in many companies they have set dates that people can wear what they want or there aren’t specific times set and people can wear whatever they want. This is something that nobody would ever think of a few years ago.

On the other hand of companies that allow free attire, there are still companies that prefer formal clothes. Because of this concerns of how to present an office look is not a simple thing. Then, what should you do to appear stylish and charismatic? Here are suggestions of how to dress to become a fashionista through the office look.

#Suit Look

Sunmi appeared at a brand event. She has always been rumored to dress well and showed up and showed off a high-quality suit look. The inside is a simple V-neck that gives off a chic feel, while the patterned jacket and slacks match together to make the perfect formal meeting look. Especially the shoes she wears make her legs look long and add to the effect.

[Editor Pick] Styling has the point of not being too excessive in giving off the career woman’s atmosphere in the limited workplace. Especially wearing a suit and matching white on the inside with wide slacks finishes a fashionable and trendy office look.

#Presenting Overfit

Meanwhile, Yoon Seungah who arrived at a film premiere appeared cool in an oversized workplace skirt and jacket. She finishes off the perfect office look with a black tote and ankle boots.

[Editor Pick] While an oversized jacket and skirt give off an intellectual image they also give a sense of style. When you’re an urban mood, it will be good to coordinate the look with some simple jewelry, keep that in mind. 

#Formal Office Look

Kim Hyo Jin who has a slender body and beautiful looks that is unbelievable for someone who is also a mother. Due to her tall height, she shows off a model pose in her formal white and black look as she arrived at the airport at the departure terminal. Her natural but comfortable stylish coordination grabs attention.

[Editor Pick]  To appeal for a neat but unique office look, through choosing a design that is full of feminine beauty such as a puff blouse, you can give off an intellectual atmosphere. As expected using the colors black and white gives off a rhythmical point, now you are able to be reborn as a professional office woman. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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