Like Krystal-Suzy-Yoona, Finish your Base Refreshingly without making it Dense

[by Lee Hye Jeong] It’s hard to maintain your makeup fully in the humid summer. Humid weather and moist atmosphere causes makeup to come off.

If you want to show off perfect skin like Yoona, Suzy and Krystal by finishing off with a refreshing base that isn’t dense, what tips do you need?

>> Makeup Point of High Adherence is? 

If you want to finish your base makeup without denseness what points do you need? In order to finish base makeup with high adherence you need to start with the steps of skin care, and for that you need to do meticulous care.  

STEP 1. Precise Night Care through Mask Packs 

In order to finish makeup without denseness, it’s good to care more about night treatment than day treatment in the summer. This is because of the summer humidity and the inability to do meticulous Kicho care in the busy morning due to time restraints.

Before sleeping, let’s do a mask pack that moisturizes, such as KICHO Phyto Refreshing Daily Mask. Generously putting in energy into the germinated beans, the vegetability ingredients that come out are included into the essence along with pure cotton sheet. Without irritation to the skin, they help the nutritional supply.

STEP 2. Making  a Foundation of Blocking the Fresh UV Rays 

In the hot sunlight of the summer don’t forget to take care of sun block. However, in the hot summer, the stuffy fillers of sun block are not refreshing,

It’s good to choose a sunblock that is light and can be used refreshingly daily before putting on makeup during the summer. KICHO Ultra Moisturizing Suncream SP50+/PA+++ takes the components from germinated beans that are good for your skin’s health, without stickiness or cloudiness it helps you refreshingly finish off your makeup without denseness.

STEP 3. Choose a Foundation that Keeps your Makeup Beautiful

Finish making a refreshing base without denseness by choosing a suitable foundation. For the summer in which makeup easily breaks off, let’s try using the easy CC cushion pack.
KICHO AROHA GLOW CC CUSHION, SP50+/PA+++ has excellent continuity and coverage keeping your skin bright and beautiful all day long. (photo by Kicho, bntnews DB)


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Write: 2017-07-10 11:14:47 / Update: 2017-07-10 18:36:04

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