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ONE Holds Debut and Share His Thoughts on Collaborating and More

[by Lim Hyun Joo] On the afternoon of July 11th at Seoul Gangnam-gu CGV Cheongdam Cine City, ONE had his debut through ‘ONE MEDIA DEBUT-TODAY IS ONEDAY’.

“I Want to Work with The Black Skirts”

Rapper ONE has pointed out the artist he wants to work with.

Today when ONE was asked which artist he would like to collaborate with he answered, “I’m personally a fan of The Black Skirts so I have the desire to work with him.”

“If I Get #1 On Music Charts, I Want to Shave My Head”

Rapper ONE opened about music charts.

ONE answered about music charts, “I think about it numerous times a day but I’m emptying my mind right now.” When asked what he’ll do if he reaches #1 on the charts, he conveyed “If I get #1 on music charts, I want to shave my head. My hair is long right now so it’s a bit uncomfortable.” 

“If ‘Show Me the Money’ Calls, I Can Come Out Again”

Rapper ONE has opened up about appearing on ‘Show Me the Money’.
When ONE was asked what he would do about re-appearing on ‘Show Me the Money’, he replied “It was hard when I last appeared on the show but as time passed I realized it was a good time. If they call me, I can come out on the show again. To be honest I was able to get my face out there because of the program ‘Show Me the Money’…I was able to do my music.”

"My Role Model is Senior G-Dragon who Gave Me a lot of Inspiration”

Rapper ONE opens up about his role model.

When ONE was asked who is role model is, he conveyed, “Well, it has to be Senior G-Dragon. He has been a huge inspiration to me. I think he’s the coolest.” 

“You can Feel the Aroma of Home Cooking at YG’s Cafeteria”

Rapper ONE opened up about YG’s Cafeteria.

When ONE was asked about the rumored cool cafeteria of YG Entertainment, he disclosed, “I was really curious about the taste also. I ate with a fluttering heart but you can feel the aroma of home cooking so it was good. The bean paste stew was really delicious so I remember.”

ONE, the first male solo artist to debut under YG Entertainment in 14 years. Just like the title of his album ‘ONE DAY’, coexisting with daylight and nigh, the ‘day’, it is an album that shows ONE’s ambivalent image. The intact different charms of the double title songs can be felt.

Meanwhile, tonight (11th) at 6pm, through the release of his double title songs ‘Gettin’ By’ and ‘heyahe’ on music portal sites, ONE will have his full-scale debut. (photo by YG Entertainment)

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