Lee Hyori-Lee Hanui, What is the Skin Care Method of Their Healthy Beauty?

 [by Woo Ji An] Indeed, when should you start anti-aging care? Many people feel wrinkles increase and their face line cave in from their later 20s to early 30s, gaining an interest in elasticity care late.

However at the same time as the 20s, your skin collagen elastic fibers reduce and due to many outside factors your skin rapidly ages. However exposed celebrities are always boasting of elastic and soft skin and body lines, becoming the dream of many women.

Recently showing her face after a long time through various programs and music, Lee Hyori and establishing her position as an actress with her charismatic mask, Lee Hanui bragged of a unchanging baby face at an official event. What is the skin care method of these two?

#Still the Sexy Queen ‘Lee Hyori’

Boasting of more shining beauty and body line after marriage, Lee Hyori appeared on a broadcast after a long time and her unchanging beautiful image gained the interest of viewers. Her unchanging skin care secret is ‘oil pulling’ as disclosed, she keeps 20cc of vegetable oil in her mouth every morning and gargles for about 10 minutes.

Because the toxins in your mouth are fat soluble while you get rid of toxins with the oil, after you do oil pulling, your skin getting better is a given, it also has dietary effects and improves your complexions, she revealed her own skin care tips.

#Full of Charm ‘Lee Hanui’

With a unique mask and voluminous body, Lee Hanui’s skin care method is unexpectedly simple. With a glass cup she lifts her chin or neck that has sagging skin to do elasticity care. This is because of muscles in which there aren’t bilateral symmetry in the face, it loosens the muscles, she disclosed.

In addition, she conveyed that she does a ‘7 skin method’ of skin care, putting on toner 7 times to absorb, after arranging your skin by wetting a cotton pad with an adequate amount of toner, less toner on your palms, tidying up, tapping lightly on the skin to absorb adequately, this is the skin care tip she conveyed.

[Beauty Items for Early Anti-Aging] 

01 Adaline The Golden Age 3 Step Line(Ampoule-Truffle Mask-Mask Fixer) For the active components of the mask pack to be delivered onto the skin, finely tramping the skin foundation is the ampoule=adenosine components included, the truffle- mask-skin protector adds elasticity to saggy skin, robustly fastening moisturizing balance.
02 Lancome Laneige Little Face Roller, a face roller that relaxes lumped muscles and saves solid face lines. (photo by bntnews DB, Adaline, Lancome)

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