‘Happy Together 3’ Ong Sungwoo Went as Far as Googling To Delete his Past as a Shopping Mall Model‘

[by Ent Team] The public is focused on the revealing of Wanna One’s stories before their debut.

KBS2 ‘Happy Together 3’ broadcast on the 10th will air ‘Happy Together Town – Girls’ Generation Special’ and ‘Legendary Big Mouth-Wanna One Special Part 2’.

This week’s section of ‘Legendary Big Mouth’ is with Korean sensation trendy idol Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, Park Jihoon, Ong Sungwoo, Yoon Jisung, and Hwang Minhyun again.

Through the nation’s first library real variety, the five members of Wanna One and ‘legendary big mouth’ revive the legendary well-received variety program ‘You Who Forgot Sleep’ (2000) especially raising anticipation.
In the recent recording, the 5 members of Wanna One disclose all the hardships they went through to have a colorful debut. Especially Yoon Jisung who was a trainee for the longest time amongst the members has gained attention with his various stories.

Yoon Jisung surprised everyone by revealing, “I lived in a semi-basement goshiwon for the 7 years that I was a trainee.  I thought of ‘Produce 101’ as my last (chance). There already was a set army enlistment date.” Furthermore he explained his poor situation, “I even saw the eggs of fruit flies hatch,” but he wouldn’t look people in the eyes, making it hard for others believe him and suspicious of him lying, thus everyone laughed.

In addition, Ong Sungwoo personal experiences as a part-timer have gained attention. It is known that has various part-time experiences before debuting such as a shopping mall fitting model, wedding model, hair model, etc., in which fans have called him the ‘part-timer king’. The difficult(?) fashion of his days as a fitting model are referred to as well.

To this Ong Sungwoo explained while smiling, “I received clothes to wear from the shopping mall boss who didn’t understand clothing.” He added on, “They also asked for strange poses. I kept having to part my legs,” telling of his unjust treatment that made everyone laugh.

Ong Sungwoo continued, “I even googled the pictures to get rid of all of them before debuting so I was relieved” thus confessing the great pains he took because of the time-bomb like pictures, making everyone laugh once again. However as if resigning in defeat he lowered his head and said, “Now dozens of the pictures have been uploaded”, making everyone burst out in laugther.

Thus, including Kang Daniel disclosing that “I challenged ‘Produce 101’ because of Yoon Jisung”, the episode is full of dramatic truthful stories of the 5 members that received a good response.  

Meanwhile, KBS2 ‘Happy Together3’ will be broadcast on the 10th at 11:10 pm following its normal Thursday night airing schedule. (photo by KBS2)

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Write: 2017-08-09 16:39:56 / Update: 2017-08-09 16:42:59

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