How to Maintain Unchanging Beauty like Kim Hee Sun-Ko So Young-Kim Hye Soo

[by Hwang So Hee] Every day you frequently look in the mirror and see the increasing wrinkles that stick out. Deepening eye wrinkles, laugh lines signify how heartless age is but you cannot stop the traces of age. However when you see the unchanging beauty of stars your envy grows.

Stars that pass the same time but still maintain the same resilient and beautiful image become the envy of others. Who are some stars that show off a perfect image through unchanging beauty?

Verifying that age is just a number, they boast of unchanging beauty with their wrinkle-less resilient skin and baby faces that become the envy others: Kim Hee Sun, Ko So Young, Kim Hye Soo, Go Hyun Jung and Lee Young Ae.

Especially, you can say that the same factor of their baby face is their clear and wrinkle-less eyes. Let’s reform into a more beautiful baby face by making clear and smooth eyes just like Kim Hee Sun, Ko So Young and Kim Hye Soo.

If you want to look younger than your age, it’s good to massage the exhaustion from your eyes to make your eyes lively. For the massage, softly rub the rims of your eyes to release the puffiness, this can help prevent waste in your eyelids to gather and helps your circulation.

It’s good to softly press at the eye rim area above your cheek bones and pan area around there to relieve the exhaustion from your eyes. Next press down the temple in a circular motion. If you are concerned about drooping eyes, as if pulling your eyes, use your index finger to soft press out. This will help swelling and eye sagginess.  

However it can be hard to perfectly remedy your eye wrinkles with eye massages. This is because a massage can have temporary effects on preventing sagginess and is limited when maintaining wrinkle-less eyes. If you are thinking of a more effective change, you can consider a eye lifting surgery that expertly remedies eye sagginess, solving your troubles.

Director Baek Hye Won (specialist in plastic surgery) of Korea’s JK Plastic Surgery Clinic that is famous for eye lifting surgery stated, “They are many women are concerned about the symptoms of blepharoptosis such as eye wrinkles and eye sagginess as they get older. Methods like massages can remedy your eyes but if you are not satisfied and do not feel like there’s a change, considering eye lifting surgery is a solution also.”

As you age, blepharoptosis can make your eyes look smaller and leave an uncomfortable because the eyes are weak when you open them and the bottom of the eyelids sag. Moreover patients with blepharoptosis use the strength of their brows to open their eyes and thus a vicious cycle beings of forming brow wrinkles. If you are inconvenienced by these type of symptoms, how about looking young and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle by remedying eye sagginess through eye correction or eyelid surgery?  

Director Baek Hye Won stated, “It’s a relatively general eye surgery but it’s good to pay close attention in order to have satisfactory results that match your own face and image and not simply for the purpose of beauty. Especially in the case of blepharoptosis, when you have the surgical procedure of eye correction or endotine, etc., going through the surgery after an in-depth consultation will have more effective results.” 

JK Plastic Surgery, which was awarded as the best partner of foreign partner patients in Gangnam-gu, does a one-stop preoperative surveillance system that prioritizes accurate diagnosis and analysis as well as the patient's current health status. In addition, the hospital's in-house anesthesiologist is always on site, and a plastic surgeon directly carries out the surgery. Considering the possibility of unavoidable emergencies, they consider the patient's safety to be the top priority, such as building a CPR (emergency response) team, holding emergency kits, UPS (uninterruptible power supply) that can continue operation even during power outages, pain controlled analgesia, and a CRM monitoring system.(photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bntnews DB)  


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