Vital Styling Method in the Hot Summer

[by Lee Hye Jeong] Heat makes your body and mind tired. Strong scorching sunlight and hot air became a big part of the factor that makes us tired.  

At those times if you are a little more concerned with your styling, not only will you be less tired, you will also appear less tired to those who see you. We introduce necessary items from skin care to styling that will work to your advantages.

PART 1. Skin Care

In order to have lively styling and makeup, it’s good to first make sturdy skin.

It’s good to first do cleansing that removes different waste material and sebum meticulously from your face in order to get elastic skin. In order to get elastic skin, it’s best to choose a foam cleanser that removes waste and sebum completely and washes the face. If you wash it meticulously, the nutrients will permeate into the skin better. You can finish off with some simple skin care while you sleep with a simple sleep mask that will moisturize your face.

PART 2. Makeup


The first step to lively makeup in the summer is applying sunblock. In order to protect the skin from the hot sunlight, sunblock is needed. Lightly apply products that have a high sunblock factor without whitening and use it daily.

It’s good to avoid base makeup that is heavy and stuffy in the summer in which you secrete sebum and sweat. Cushion pacts are an especially excellent item in the summer with a rolling effect and can lightly stick on to the skin.  Finish your lively base makeup lightly with a cushion pact that will make your skin appear like it’s glowing, fresh and moist instead of oily.

PART 3. Styling Item

If you match with the proper styling item then you can finish coordinating coolly. Let’s choose an item for the best match-up in our makeup for a lively style.

An especially useful item in the summer is the hat. It shields you from the sun and is even a fashion item, thus is a plus factor. If you match your clothes with items such as a hat in simple coordinating, you can finish off a beautiful fashion so pay attention to the items.

01 KICHO Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser A foam cleanser composed over 90% of natural interface activator and Ulleungdo deep sea water, Ulleungdo maple sap etc., all natural plant components good for the skin, gently eliminating bodily waste.
02 KICHO CAMELIA SLEEPING PACK A sleeping pack with the effects of skin soothing and anti-aging, as well as excellent moisturizing effects, it uses camellia oil (Camellia) and ginseng, rose water, lanolin (sheep oil) as main components to provide complex skin care during sleep.
03 KICHO ULTRA MOISTURIZING SUN CREAM, SPF50/PA+++ A daily sun cream that uses the embryo components extracted from germinating soybean. While protecting the skin it is also sticky, without any cloudiness it is refreshing and can be used moistly, even before putting on makeup with no burden.
04 KICHO AROHA GLOW CC CUSHION, SPF50+/PA+++ Long-lasting and excellent coverage that maintains bright and beautiful skin all day long. The CC Cushion is comprised of New Zealand lanolin and deep sea components made in Germany making skin moist. (photo by Kicho, bntnews DB)


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