What is the Care Method to Overcome the Aftereffects of Vacation? With Kicho

[by Lee Hye Jeong] As it’s a given to have beauty tips in the season in which people go on vacation here and there to avoid the heat, as expected people are also curious about the beauty tips after vacationing.

There is a higher possibility for your skin to become damaged after returning from vacation due to the warm sunlight as the vacation spot is a different environment from normal, your skin can become sensitive. Here are the suggestions of skin sommelier brand Kicho of the methods to to overcome the aftermath of vacationing and recover your skin to smooth honey skin.  

>> After Care, Where to Begin, Where to End?

The common term for the process of neatly erasing the traces of traveling after your return is called ‘after care’.  When we thoroughly look after our skin in any environment, we can maintain the perfect state of our skin.

This type of after care is not simply going through the steps of skin care. You can say that meticulous and proper cleansing is the start of after care. Cleansing is a must and if you do an adequate amount of hydration, you can finish off harmonious makeup on top of proceeding perfect after care.

STEP 1. Let’s Cleanly Remove the Waste and Dead Skin from our Pores

In order to meticulously care for irritated skin it’s important to first clean up the waste and dead skin cells in your skin. For that we need to think about what type of cleansing product to use.

Let’s choose a foam cleanser type that softly cleanses with plentiful bubbles and meticulously clean. The soft bubbles go deep into pores and help smoothly remove waste and dead skin. If you use a pore brush you can have a more precise cleansing so it’s good to use both foam cleansing and a pore brush.

01 KICHO Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser Comprised with natural surfactant and minerals of Ulleungdo Island’s deep sea water, a natural foam cleanser that removes dead skin and waste without irritating the skin.
02 KICHO Bubble Pore Brush A pore brush that uses soft and fine micro 0.05mm synthetic hairs that don’t irritate the skin and cleanly remove waste and dead skin from pores, making your skin smooth. 

STEP 2. Let’s Make Illuminated Skin Through Rapid Hydration

In a different environment from usual the dangers of skin troubles occurring and skin becoming rapidly more sensitive is higher. At these times you need to soothe the skin by abundant moisture skin care instead of oil skin care.

The most suitable method to rapidly hydrate the skin is through mask packs. Let’s put the mask pack in the refrigerator for a little bit and then put it on sensitive skin to soothe it. If you choose a product with vegetable gemmule you can gently take care of skin and it is more effective. Thus considering the components of such a product meticulously it is much better.

KICHO Phyto Refreshing Daily Mask
With the vegetable gemmule extracted from germinated beans full of energy, the mask pack soothes skin and normalizes your skin condition. As the product excludes 6 harmful ingredients, this product can be used with ease on sensitive skin. 

STEP 3. Moist Base Products can Present the Perfect Skin

When you see your skin that has become sensitive and release skin problems after vacationing, you want to cry for a moment. Putting on makeup repetitively everyday on this type of skin can only make it more burdened. It is important to have a base product that is no different from a skin care product that can soothe skin.

If you choose a product that is a multi-base product that also has functions of sunblock, wrinkle improvement, and whitening on top of softly adherence onto the skin, you can relieve the burden on your skin. Some products are more of a CC cream product with better adherence and coverage than a normal base makeup product, making it more effective on sensitive and problematic skin.

KICHO Complete Correction Cream
A multi CC cream with the function of a base makeup that can do skin care for wrinkles, whitening, as well as sunblock (SPF30/PA++) and improve complexion. (photo by Kicho, bntnews DB)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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