3 Appetizers That Are a Perfect Match with Beer

[by Lee Hee Soo] Fall that has cooled down. While enjoying clear air you can stroll uninterrupted by the river and you think of a golden cool beer. At this time, the thing you think of is an appetizer that matches perfectly with beer. We introduce three appetizers that accentuate the taste of beer and the atmosphere so you can enjoy fall dinners outside as well.

Beer’s Soulmate, Chicken

Juicy chicken and beer’s harmony that cannot be replaced by anything. Drumsticks convey a chewy texture with beer while clean breast meat can be enjoyed moistly with beer.

Chicken can be enjoyed not only fried but if you bake it in a high temperature oven without oil, the chicken’s abundant taste is raised. Goobne Chicken is an oven baked chicken brand. With seasoning such as the spicy ‘Goobne Volcano’, with a tradition galbi grill taste is ‘Goobne Galbi King’, their menu items fit the tastes of younger people. Goobne Chicken started in Korea and has spread to Hong Kong, Japan, China, and Macau. The Macau Taipa branch is an all-chicken brand where you can enjoy all types of Korean chicken cuisine such as chicken galbi and braised spicy chicken with vegetables.

At the Peak of Clean and Aromatic, Fries

Fries that have a soft texture in your mouth. It’s good to match moistly cooked fries warmly with beer’s sharp but cool charm.

If you want to taste more of the clean taste of potatoes, we suggest eating potato wedges. It’s easy to make fries at home as well. After boiling or steaming, fry it in a pan with an adequate amount of oil until it is yellowish and you can finish soft yet crispy fries. For the sauce, you just add in mayonnaise, pepper and one spoon of lemon juice. If you want to enjoy Canadian poutine, sprinkle some gravy sauce and throw in some cheese. If you don’t have gravy sauce it’s good to marinate it with chili sauce as well.

A Feast of Various Toppings, Pizza

Pizza is chewy dough that goes with abundant toppings. If you keep eating you keep feeling like if it was eaten with beer, you could enjoy the cool refreshment more. It’s as if you cannot stop eating with the harmonious taste of ‘sweet and salty’.  

You can make pizza with different doughs or toppings to match your own tastes. If you want to eat a sweet pizza with fruit juices, get a pineapple or strawberry-filled topping. If you focus on the abundant tastes of toppings we suggest thin pizza, and if you want to enjoy the texture of soft dough like bread, we suggest a deep dish style. (photo by Goobne Chicken, bntnews DB)

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