‘2017 MAMA’ Opens in Vietnam-Japan-Hong Kong…Encompassing Asian Music

[by Ent Team] The scale of ‘MAMA’ has expanded drastically.

Overall Contents Corporation CJ Entertainment disclosed that Mnet ‘2017 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards’ will be held from November 25th till December 1st in Vietnam, Japan and Hong Kong.

The greatest Asian music awards ceremony, ‘MAMA’s scale has expanded drastically and is expected to combine the music of the entire region through ‘MAMA WEEK’.

‘2017 MAMA’ will be held starting on November 25th in Vietnam’s Hoa Binh Thetare, on the 28th at Japan’s Yokohama Arena, on the 30th at W Hong Kong and December 1st at Hong Kong’s Asia World-Expo Arena.

In addition, the artists who have taken over all of Asia will be participating and promoting exchange, while the leaders of the music industry will illuminate the awards ceremony to strengthen it. Artists of each country are scheduled to present congratulatory performances in other countries. Through one-week festivities, ‘MAMA’ is worthy to be called Asia’s representative music awards ceremony.

The fact that ‘MAMA’ takes place over a week and one day in each location – Vietnam, Japan, and Hong Kong, shows the will of expanding the harmony and exchange in the Asian music market. Hong Kong that has held ‘MAMA’ for several years is a cultural and economic center and of course Japan is a symbol of the great scale of the music market.

Also, Vietnam that has exchanged diplomatic relations for the past 25 years is receiving high evaluations of growth in the musical market and is growing as an emerging power in the Southeast Asian region.

In addition, ‘2017 MAMA’ penetrates through 3 countries, casting Asia’s best artists to becoming one through music. Meanwhile, CJ Entertainment is also in the middle of preparing enjoyable programs where viewers and artists can communicate closely.

Also, CJ Entertainment Music Contents Director Shin Hyeong Gwan disclosed, “With the know-hows we have gained from the past 9 years, we established the biggest expanded scale of Asia’s music awards ‘MAMA’. We will make ‘2017 MAMA’ the best festival that all Asians who love music can enjoy.”

Meanwhile, Mnet ‘2017 MAMA’ has surpassed being a simple end-of-the-year music awards ceremony and has become the greatest music festival that the world can enjoy, taking hold of global communication and the diffusion of Asian popular music. (photo by Mnet)  

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