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Autumn Makeup Essentials Full of Enchantment

[by Kim Minsoo] The enchanting autumn make-up that goes well with the fall is attracting attention among women. As the fresh breeze sweeps under our nose during the morning and evening, the makeup add sultry and beautiful eyes and lips to match the weather.
Especially for women, they are ready to ditch the easy and light summer makeup and move on the chic and enchanting autumn makeup. If so, what are the essential makeup items that express autumn well? If you want to be a woman full of alluring charm, consider the following.

# Not to be missed Lip-color, Rose Color


Emphasis on beauty, mature depth of feeling should be the charm of autumn makeup. There are a lot of things to prepare because you are creating a total different look than usual. If you want to be a sultry autumn woman, it is better to pay attention to the lip color. This will result in a completely different look.

This season’s new hot color is rose. The rose color, which is natural but intellectual and charming, can be expressed in all four seasons depending on the concentration, but the
#217 color gives the impression that it matches well with the autumn.

3CE Matte Lip Color #217 stays put on the lips as if you had a primer on, for a clean pigmentation and longevity. If doesn’t clump even you are pouting to vividly express your lip lines. Its strong pigmentation allows to express more rich and sensuous colors with one or two application.

#Create elegant eyes


This F / W make-up shows the effect of emphasizing eye make-up. This autumn eye makeup point is to produce a crisp, deep eye look with a mascara that creates neat and natural volumes.
Volume and Long lash has a lengthening effect that creates long eyelashes, and fine 2mm long fibers can be coated on the eyelashes without clumping to extend the longevity of the long eyelashes. Easily washable with lukewarm water so you can cleanse the mascara off without irritating the eyes.


1. Adjust the contents at the tip of the container, then gently wipe the eyelashes from top to bottom, and then apply the mascara from bottom to the top.

2. After gently brushing down the lower eyelashes, hold up the wand and delicately apply it on thoroughly. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda 3CE)

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