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Hera Seoul Fashion Week Ye-eun & Hyoyeon Makeup Look

[by Kim Min Soo] Hera Seoul Fashion Week presented 2018 S/S season trends. Fashion Week that lasted from October 16th to 21st has been completed successfully. The unique fashions that matched the festival of fashion people caught people eyes, but if there was anything equally important than the clothes, it would be the makeup.

Among them, we looked at the stars who showed a makeup that blended well with the concept of a fashion designers. Singers Ye-eun and Hyoyeon, who attended the Kai fashion show on the 20th, reflected the latest makeup trends.

We share some beauty tips through their makeup, who have produced a wide variety look to match the large scale fashion show.




In this fashion show, Ye-eun presented makeup look using the Burgundy color. Especially, with a base makeup that enhanced the clean and smooth skin that contrast to the dark makeup, she was able to express somewhat burdensome burgundy look in the most natural way.

It is important to add points to your lips after the base makeup. The eyebrows were filled in naturally as if nothing seemed to be added. She completed the burgundy makeup by filling the lips line meticulously and evenly.


Hyoyeon, who attracted attention with a lovely look expressed a girlishness with her cheeks and lip makeup. The eye makeup was minimal and used a pink powder blush lightly for a full-fledged loveliness.

Cheek makeup brings the whole look to life. In order to complete such a makeup, the foundation is the most important. It is good to create natural and gentle skin tone, and arrange skin base with transparent and moist feeling.




Brick red color that surpass the burgundy. If it was Burgundy color that emphasizes the sexiness of wine light on the matte and smooth skin, Brick Red color conveys the mysterious and alluring mood adds the edge to the F / W makeup look.

The brick red color that gives a mysterious feeling has light and soft texture that maintains a smooth lip condition, and tightly fills between the wrinkles of the lips to upgrade the lips to the best condition as if you applied a primer.

If you have created a smooth and clear skin, use the point color product to give it a boost. Face blush that expresses natural flushing with no pearl sheen, makes skin look more beautiful and healthy which completes a smooth skin and the naturally melted pink can create various makeup look. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda 3CE)

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