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IU-Sunmi-Hyuna, Secret Charm of the Female Solo Singers?

[by Hwang So-hee] These female solo artists emit a variety of charms and stage power that are as good as any idol groups. Not only do they have the talent as a singer, they constantly reveal new transformation to entertain the public’s eyes and ears.

Female solo artists shows numerous charms that is sometimes cute or sexy. What is the secret to their attraction?

Female solo artists such as IU, Sunmi, Hyun-a, Tae Yeon and Heize boasts various charms and gaining popularity in Korea as well as in many countries abroad.

They show the appearance of a versatile entertainer with slim and beautiful appearance along with excellent singing abilities. Especially, the common point of them is the slender figure which can handle any style.

If you want to dream of a variety of changes as much as the female solo artists, pay attention to making a slender body. A beautiful face is also an important part to appeal to charm, but the good proportions are the factor that is essential to the perfect look.

If you dream of a good body proportions, let's make a healthy looking body with a steady body stretching. Excellent stretching to activate the body relaxes the muscles and makes the body soft and comfortable. Stretching can be easily learned by anyone, regardless of age, and it helps prevent injuries of muscles and joints, as well as promotes circulation and helps natural body activities.

Stretching can create a smooth and comfortable body, but it is not enough to make a slim figure. If you have tried several methods, including stretching to create a healthy body and a beautiful line, but you have not got a satisfactory result, thinking about liposuction can be a solution to your worries.

Director Kwon, Soon-Hong, a plastic surgeon at JK Plastic Surgery Center in Gangnam, the center of Korea, says, "If you are having an issue while getting dressed because of physical conditions and have tried dieting or stretching but have not made a big difference, considering liposuction is one way to relieve the stress.”

JK Plastic Surgery 3D Pole Surface Liposuction is a method to remove excessively accumulated fat tissue in the body by using a thin ultrasonic rod after cutting the skin at a minimum. In addition to liposuction, it is possible to choose a non-surgical liposuction procedure using frozen lipolysis technique, and various methods can be selected according to the purpose of liposuction of an individual.

Dr. Kwon, Soon-Hong advices, "The number of foreign patients who come to Korea for surgery is increasing with the advancement of Korean plastic surgery technique and recognition of excellence. If you want to have liposuction surgery in Korea, It is important to decide whether the procedure is appropriate or not, with a thorough consultation with the specialist.”

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, which has won an award from Gangnam-gu as an excellent cooperative facility for attracting foreign patients, is aiming to become a safe plastic surgeon through in-house Anesthesiologist, CPR (Emergency Medical Care) handling team and 24-hour resident nurse system. In addition, American FED standard and standard 209D operating rooms are equipped with safety standards to ensure the safety and the cooperation between experienced professionals boasts the records no accidents in 20 years in practice.(photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bntnews DB)

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Write: 2017-11-09 18:27:30 / Update: 2017-11-09 18:43:38

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