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Skin Aging, is Diet to be Blamed?

[by Woo Ji An] The wind at the tip of the nose tells us that the end of the year is approaching. There might be a lot of women who are struggling with the extra few pounds that has increased underneath the thick clothes to get ready for attending plans and meeting schedules of the upcoming holiday season. You must be busy with various exercises and dietary adjustments, on top of variety of medicines and nutrient supplements that are supposed to be special for the diet! But in the meantime, remember your skin is getting old. Often, skin elasticity loss can be prevented by sufficient water intake and sleeping. However, if the dietary intake is suddenly reduced due to a short-term diet for weight loss, the adverse effect on the skin cannot be avoided. Let's learn about beauty care secret to bring up your skin condition along with the nicer bodyline.

# Face Cleansing

Exercise increases metabolism, which increases the temperature of the skin, and eliminates waste by perspiration. At this time, the sweat flowing through the skin does not affect the skin, but if it is not washed off after exercise, it remains sticky on the surface of the skin and causes skin troubles by attracting contaminants in the air. So, it is advised to wash them off immediately but if you can’t take a shower right away, it is best to at least wash your face immediately after the exercise.

# Moisture

Soak a cotton pad with a toner and apply it to fresh cleaned skin to cool down your flushed skin.

If you put the toner in the fridge in advance and use it in a cold condition, it is much more effective in calming your skin. Next, you should use sufficiently moisturizing ampoule or a moisturizing cream to fill in the moisture you lost during the exercise, and using a pack or a mask sheet will provide more immediate moisture supply to your skin. Also replenishing body moisture and nutrients that were lost during exercise is more important than anything, so make sure to intake nutritional foods and adequate amount of water to balance your physical condition.

# Anti-aging

Excessive exercise not only affects the elasticity of the skin, but also enlarge the pores with a constant heat. Pore enlargement is a shortcut to aging faster! However, if you use this period to your advantage, you can get the best skin condition. After exercise, waste products are released and metabolism becomes active, so it is a good time to manage the skin. So apply functional cosmetics containing nutrients and get enough sleep to recover your skin condition.

(Editor's Pick)

01 Leilani Monster Super Food Cleansing::: Contains a natural ingredient with 10 different superfood ingredients and it can be used on all skin types. The super-size cleanser provides non-irritating cleansing care and eliminates waste materials from deep inside pores.

02 Ainbee Aloe Mask Pack::: Mask pack that contains Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and Various Fruit Essences to provide a moist feeling to the skin and transforms the dry skin in to a moist and vital skin.

03 Adaline Golden Age 3SET Line (Ampule - Mask - Fixer) ::: Anti-aging ingredients strengthened by Adaline's specialized high-function skincare products prevent cell damage from air pollution and ultraviolet rays while promoting collagen synthesis, Functional set line that can expect anti-aging effect (photo by bntnews DB, Leilani, Ainbee, Adaline)

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