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Fashionista of Entertainment Industry, Gong Hyo-Jin - Sunmi, Catch up with their Style!

[by Kim Minsoo] Gong Hyo-Jin and Sunmi are called the representative fashionistas in the entertainment industry. Recently, they have appeared in the official events and show off their unique fashion and show off their charm. It is a natural, yet stylish fashion that focuses attention with an atmosphere that is as good as an editorial picture.
These stars visited the official events with their different charms and showed off the appearance of fashionistas by matching basic designs without any special items. If you want to make a fashionable style in November, when the coldness deepens in earnest, refer to these tips.

#Gong Hyo Jin

Actress Gong Hyo-Jin is known as the Wannabe star of many women and creates hot topics with every clothes she wears. Her colorful style using only the basic item for every appearance makes people say ‘That’s Gong Hyo-Jin’ in admiration.

Recently she participated in the, W. Korea ‘LOVE YOUR W’ 12th Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign charity event in Dragon City, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. She matched the midi length skirt with a blouse and emitted a feminine beauty. In particular, she showed a wannabe look by wearing a unique color match and boots.


When talking about fashionistas, you can’t miss Sunmi, who is a representative celebrity in entertainment industry. With her dreamy charm, she attracted men and created a chic mood at a brand event and completed a flawless style.

She emphasized the sophistication as a whole. She exposed her collarbone slightly and highlighted the feminine image to boast sexy and sensual feel. She completed her sensual look with the Raiders jacket and a pair of slacks with checkered pattern combination.

#Editor`s Pick

If bright colors are burdensome, check pattern is recommended. A color match that can give a feeling of overworking may seem distracting. In this case, it is better to match an oversized T-shirt to create a fashionable style.

There is no item as easy as a rider jacket when styling a fashionable style. If you combine a polo shirts and denim jeans to prepare for the cold with a sudden drop in temperature, it is enough to make a youthful and trendy feel. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda)

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