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If You Want Loveliness, Must Take a Look! Romance-comedy queen Seo Hyun Jin’s Drama Fashion

[by Kim Hyo Jin] Seo Hyun Jin’s the actress you think for romantic-comedy. Lately, she is acting out a heart trembling love with her partner Yang Se Jong in the SBS drama ‘Temperature of Love’. Moreover, with her young looks and beauty, she shows perfect visual chemistry and has formed a great level of Seo Hyun Jin lovers. There has especially been a lot of attention on her fashion, which becomes a hot issue.
As a script writer role in the drama, Seo Hyun Jin captivates the viewers with classy and colorful clothes, unlike most script writers that are portrayed in casual style.

Red Dress

The dress in the poster that caught everybody’s attention even before the drama began. The vivid color was a perfect match with Seo Hyun Jin’s white face. Even without any special accessory or hair, the dress itself became a big point. In addition, the balloon sleeves that added wings to Seo Hyun Jin’s charm was very impressive.

Dotted Dress

The dress that made Yang Se Jong fall for her. The frill collar and dot printing is perfect for a date look. The wrap style dress that follows the trend and adds bubbliness with its short length is very useful also for everyday life.

Ethnic Dress

The perfect dress that highlights tenderness and portrays purity with the white color. A strong point was given with the red embroidery, which without it could have made the white dress look plain. It is said that the purchase desire increased right after it was aired. Since the mid-length of the dress adds classiness, it is a dress that everybody would like.


The look that embodied the professionality of a script writer. The tone downed shirt and layered turtle-neck was a match that elevated Seo Hyun Jin’s grandiosity. It left a strong impression right from the first episode through its simple but trendy color.

The fashion that helped us focus more on Seo Hyun Jin, the girl in the drama that is loved and loveable. Additionally, the colors and patterns used in her clothes directly portrayed her loveliness and cheerfulness, just like the romantic-comedy queen she is. In this way Seo Hyun Jin has made her position as the queen of romantic-comedy firm through this season’s drama, ‘Temperature of Love’. She is not only a ‘romantic-comedy queen’, but also an ‘advertisement queen’.

She has especially stimulated the appetite of many through her delicious looking scene in the advertisement of the oven roasted chicken Goobne Chicken. Goobne Chicken is loved with its ‘Goobne Galbi Chunwang’, which is a galbi roast chicken that is sweet and salty brings out a taste created from 10 different fruits and vegetables, and the ‘Goobne Volcano’, which is made with a red pepper paste based special fire hot. Goobne Chicken has been exported to Hong Kong, Japan, China, and Macau, and in China’s soju place, the visit of the 20s and 30s are continuing on daily. (photo by Goobne Chicken, SBS drama ‘Temperature of Love’ captures and official website)

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