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“Caught The Attention Of The World As K-Beauty’s Potential Home Care Spa Product in Hong Kong” Maxclinic, 2017 Hong Kong COSMOPROF Exhibition Success

[by Kim Hyo Jin] N&B Lab(CEO Hwang Gwang Suk)’s luxury spa brand Maxclinic participated in the 2017 COSMOPROF, Asia Hong Kong beauty exhibition and earned great success.

The 2017 Hong Kong COSMOPROF is a grand scale cosmetic exhibition held in Asia, Europe, and North America where over 2,600 companies from the world participate in and 80 thousand people from 129 nations participate each year. Maxclinic, which is becoming popular domestically as a luxury home care spa product, showed its mega hit product ‘oil to foam cleanser’, ‘cirmage lifting stick’, and ‘meso change program’ and caught the attention of the people worldwide. The meso change program and cirmage lifting stick is a cosmetic that is specially assorted with a device, and it is heard that all the products at the exhibition had been sold early and there had been constant additional purchase demands.

According to a N&B Lab official, “K-beauty has built up an impression as an innovative beauty and Maxclinic is a brand that accords with this, where one can experience and see the outstanding effect of the product right away” in addition, “as the needs for home spa and home care have currently increased, our products are hot trending products that satisfy the taste of the consumers”.

In this exhibition N&B Lab structured a task pos team, where the agency managers of Korea, (the main dealing nations) China, USA, Japan, Russia, Spain, and Vietnam joined the exhibition to respond to the global buyers, showing their professionality. This task pos team informed the possibilities and potential of K-beauty, and delivered their trust in their brand to the buyers.

N&B Lab has participated in three exhibitions following the May Shanghai exhibition and October Moscow INTERCHARM exhibition, and has earned great success. Especially in the 2017 Moscow INTERCHARM beauty exhibition the differentiated products and the home care made spa specializing care programs, which are the core of Asian beauty, have received favorable comments, and the cirmage lifting stick, which contrives from scraping therapy, has recorded a 99% of purchase rate from the people who have done the try-outs.
Also in the Hong Kong exhibition, because most of the cosmetics that have been exhibited do not go over the realms of skin care, it has earned endless praise from international buyers that it is a cosmetic that has jumped out of the ‘frame’ and has created a new market.

A Maxclinic official said “As we have consecutively participated in the May Shanghai exhibition, October Moscow and also the Hong Kong exhibition, we have met buyers from all over the world and have earned the success of boosting our brand awareness. After this exhibition inquiries from buyers from Asia, Europe, and the Americas have increased immensely, and we will further participate in international exhibitions and not stop giving all our effort to become the world’s number one of the cosmetic market through technology and development”.

‘Meso change program’ is a product contrived from the MTS(Microneedle Therapy System), which is a procedure given at a dermatology or aesthetic, that consists of Korea’s first thousand hyaluronic acid composed melting micro needle roller and Jin-P collagen ample. The hyaluronic acid needle on the roller makes 1000 penetration holes with just a single rolling and helps deliver the ample’s active ingredients deep into the skin. Its specialty is that it has made a care program available only at professional dermatologies into a home care and has even earned domestic patent.

The cirmage lifting stick is a stick that uses the 3 sides, which have been designed upon the skin bends, to lift and massage the skin up. The 17 types of peptide, collagen component, and the condensed highly concentrated formula worth 7 bottle of cream helps the lifting and skin elasticity. It is a 3 in 1 all-in-one product that works on lifting, anti-aging, and penetration care, in a composition of cosmetics and a device that can give the scraping therapy effect even at home.

The ‘Oil foam to foam cleanser’ is a product that has kept only the pros of oil cleansers and foam cleansers. The high rate of natural origin vegetable oil and hyaluronic acid oil capsule completes a healthy skin. After massaging and removing makeup with the oil, the oil transforms into foam when water is applied and can remove the impurities even in the pores. Its specialty is that a double cleansing is possible at once, and it is a product that is used at domestic spas and is called the ‘life cleanser, actress cleanser’ among the home care people. (photo by N&B Lab, Maxclinic)

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