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Tasty-Shopping in PopCorn Mall, Hong Kong

[by Shin Yeon-kyeong] Yes, the trend now is free-tour over package tour. Hong Kong is one of the most attractive touristic country in Asia as you can feel the local atmosphere as well as European atmosphere. You can visit many tourist attractions and enjoy shopping which highly satisfies tourists.  
As Hong Kong is known as the country of delicacy, the best part of Hong Kong tour is in food. Located in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong, PopCorn Mall has lots of delicious cuisines where you can enjoy food of different countries. Enjoy food shopping at PopCorn Mall from morning to night!

>>Toast Box

Toast is easy and light to eat as breakfast. The bread is crunchy outside and moist inside. You can enjoy varieties of toasts by choosing ingredients of your preference. It is well-known for the Singaporean Kaya Toast and now the stores are located in different countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan. It has different menus and the best menu Kaya Toast is a wonderful match with warm milk-tea. How about starting your day with warm, sweet toast? 

>>Tim Ho Wan

Dim Sum is the representative delicacy of Hong Kong. Dim Sum has long history of tradition which began from Guangdong, China. You can enjoy different types of Dim Sum depending on ingredients of your preference like seafood, meat, vegetable, sweet bean jam and more. Moreover, it is fun to see different shapes of Dim Sum.

Generally, people in Hong Kong enjoy Dim Sum as brunch or lunch with warm tea. While shopping, you will be able to fill up your energy with simple but delicious Dim Sum. 

>>Goobne Chicken

Chicken is loved by everyone in the world. And among different styles of cooking chicken, Korean-style fried chicken with different sauces attract people with great taste. Promptly roasted chicken with cold beer shall relieve your fatigue of a day.

You can meet the Korean oven-roasting chicken brand ‘Goobne Chicken’ in PopCorn Mall. The brand opened its first store in Tsim Sha Tsui in October 2014 and following the success of the first store, the brand recently opened its 7th store in Hong Kong. Especially, Goobne Galbi-cheonwang’ presents grilled taste of authentic Korean style rib with special sauce. As Hong Kong is known for delicacy, it’s hard to attract locals with food but the brand succeeded to do so with its unique taste. It is especially popular among women in their 20’s and 30’s, settled as a popular dating spot. The store provides not only chicken but also variety of Korean food so enjoy Korean food while shopping. (photo by Official websites of Goobne, Goobne chicken, PopCorn Mall, Toast Box, Tim Ho Wan)

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