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2017 Actresses Who Sizzled on the TV Screen

[by Kim Hyojin] The Korean drama is becoming more and more popular. Strong storylines and actor's excellent acting skills makes it popular within the country as well as overseas. There are those are at the center of the heat. Actresses. In addition to the drama story, there is a flood of inquiries about their wardrobes and makeup right after the broadcast and they are always at the center of the sensation. Let's look closer to the three actresses who sizzled up our living room in 2017.

Temperature of Love 'Seo Hyun-jin'

From delicate portrayal of emotions to the touching lines and the warm visual impression. SBS drama 'Temperature of Love' has played a role in sensitizing many people’s emotions. Seo Hyun-jin, who were able to portray the tiniest details of the sentimental storyline, took over the romantic comedy as well as the authentic melodrama.

Seo Hyun-jin, who is also known as the queen of ‘Mukbang’, is also working as an exclusive model of the oven-grilled chicken brand Goobne Chicken. The recently unveiled Goobne Chicken CF is showing off the delicious taste of ‘Chibap’ (Rice+Chicken) and snatching the taste of viewers. Seo Hyun-jin's future career steps that will stimulate both appetite and emotions are also highly anticipated.

Woman of Dignity 'Kim Hee Sun'

JTBC drama ‘Woman with Dignity’ is a drama that recorded the highest rating in JTBC history. Kim Hee-sun, who played a rational heroine who did not lose her dignity under any circumstances, showed off her superb acting ability with her success return to TV drama.

Kim Hee Seon played the characters, Woo Ah-jin perfectly and delivered a clear message that the drama wanted to convey to the audience. After 20 years, she came back to the top and won the 2017 Asia Artist Awards with EXO.

While you were Sleeping, ‘Bae Suzy’

Suzy is actively working as an actress ‘Bae Suzy’, instead of a member of the group Miss A. She successfully stripped off the title of idol and stood side by side with other actresses. Recently, on SBS drama ‘While you were Sleeping', she portrayed a journalist who has prophetic dreams and showed off her acting skills.

In addition, she was able to work wonderfully with the partner Lee Jong-seok and the couple’s chemistry also contributed to the ratings. Through this work, Bae Suzy showed more mature visual and acting ability, and the expectation of viewers about her next works also increased.(photo by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, SBS drama 'Temperature of Love', JTBC drama 'Woman with Dignity', SBS drama 'While you are Sleeping' Official Homepage)

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