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About the Romance Movies Like the Warm Spring

[by Ma Chae-rim] A strong cold wave makes you halfhearted as well as hunch your shoulders these days.  You feel the spring is too far off even in January that informs you of the beginning of the New Year because of the cold weather. Because of this, there are many couples and families who spend their time staying indoors rather than outdoor activities.

Especially, the multiplexes that you can solve all the things in a place ranging from meals and shopping to leisure are popular. The point that you can watch the movies which are popular leisure life in Korea is the best feature and advantage of the multiplexes. It’s been a long time since the standard procedure of dating courses was watching movies after meals in these places in the cold weather.

Now, there is a wide choice of selections for the people who enjoy watching movies because they can meet latest films through computers and TV even in their houses, not the movie theaters. How about melting your hearts through the romance movies like the warm spring in the cold winter to make you hunching your shoulders?

About Time (2013)

‘About Time’ is the movie including various types of love that you can meet in your life. Richard Curtis, the master of the romance genre, of ‘Nothing Hill’, ‘Love Actually’, etc. described chance and necessity and love and life by directing the film. As Tim, the hero played by Domhnall Gleeson, gets to have the ability to turn back time and lovely Rachel McAdams is added to the fantastic mood, they warm your hearts. 

You Are the Apple of My Eye (2012)

“When I am 32 years old, I confess my love to myself who is 17 years old. In those days, you glittered.” The clumsy but pure first love of the old school days appeals to viewers’ fresh emotions which were forgotten. When you feel an unobtainable love between Ko Ching-teng and Shen Chia-yi even though you think they bring success in love, the movie is going to end. Expressions from You Are the Apple of My Eye still linger in your mind because it is natural.

Notting Hill (1999)

It’s the work by Richard Curtis of ‘About Time’ mentioned above. This romance movie boasts refined visual styles that put the fact that the movie was released 19 years ago to shame. Subtle acting of famous actors and actresses including Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant and the sweet OST that is more famous than the movie double the mood.

‘Notting Hill’ set in U.K. described love between William Thacker, the ordinary and timid man, and Anna Scott, the world-famous Hollywood actress. The calm but cheerful story and light but ardent love are impressive. If you already watched this movie, ‘Notting Hill’, you must do it two or three times.  You will cannot help being in love with bright smiles of Julia Roberts and lovely Hugh Grant.

Food that is good for you to eat with movies

The best known image of movies is popcorn and coke. If you want to enjoy the new taste of popcorn, let’s turn your eyes to Sweet Monster that is in ‘Taikoo Li’ in Chengdu, China and ‘IAPM’ in Shanghai, China. For the features, there are no trans fat, saturated fat, and synthetic food dye as Non-GMO maize was selected and baked with the hot wind. The various tastes of caramel, mandarin, cheese & caramel, strawberry, and chocolate were prepared. ‘Popcorn ice cream’ that each popcorn kernel gets stuck in ice cream catches your eyes and appetite.

Chicken is perfect as the food that is good for you to eat with movies when you watch movies with your families, or lovers, isn’t it? Goobne Chicken has received attention from the great China region as well as Korea. Its chewy and firm texture is excellent. Harmful ingredients were reduced by baking chicken, not deep-frying it. And it expanded choices through the various menus that considered consumers’ taste. And the rich side dishes and diversified types of sauce add flavor and taste to it. (photos by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, Stills of the movies, ‘About Time’, ‘You Are the Apple of My Eye’, and ‘Notting Hill’, the official web site of Sweet Monster)

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