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3 Mid-night Snacks Loved by Korean Stars

[by Ma Chae Rim] Nowadays, the boundaries between the countries have collapsed due to the development of the media and the Internet. As a result, many Korean stars are stepping out of Korea to China, Japan, and the Americas.

Maybe it is because their Social Media activities are as active as their work activities. Their personal lives, as well as their favorite food, taste, are attracting public attention. Here are some popular mid-night snacks that catch our eyes.

#Seo Hyun-jin - Chicken

Seo Hyun-jin, the actress has emerged as the queen of the romantic comedy genre and achieved the nickname of "Ro-co (Romance Comedy) Queen". From early on, she gathered attention with her mouth-watering chicken ‘Mukbang’ on tvN drama ‘Let’s Eat’. Since then, thanks to her big appetite, she was appeared on the commercial for ‘Goobne Chicken’ and stirred up another issue. Chicken is one of the most favorite mid-night snack in Korea by everyone. To evidence the popularity of chicken, many stars are also showing off their enjoyment of chicken on TV programs or Social Media.

Goobne Chicken, which is loved by the stars, is baked instead of fried and known for its light and clean taste. Along with their Goobne Original, they have various menus like Volcano, Galbi Kin, Grilled Frank, Gochu Basasak, Deep Cheese and so much more to choose according to your taste. Goobne Chicken is currently operates stores in Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macao and Japan. The Hong Kong Central store, located in downtown Hong Kong, is loved by many because of its unique clean interior and accessibility.

# Song Joong-ki & Park Bo-gum - Pizza

Song Joong-ki married Song Hye-gyo last year, whom he met in 2016 while appearing ‘Descendants of the Sun’ together. Recently, he was on a Pizza commercial with his good friend Park Bo-gum and caught the taste bud of the viewers along with the hearts of the female fans.

The round and spread out dough is topped with cheese, tomato sauce, ham, olive, onions and other various topping and baked in the oven. The melted cheese increases the appetite with each bite. You’ll be able to enjoy them even more when you eat them with pickles, soda or beer.

# Gong Seung Yeon – Noodle Soup

The advantage of being able to eat freely at any time is lower calories than other night snacks. Delicious noodles with savory broth makes perfect noodle soup. It is delicious yet easy menu to enjoy since you can enjoy different tastes depending on the garnish you place on the noodle. It is low in calories compared to other mid-night snacks, so you can enjoy it whenever you want, guilt free.

Actor Gong Seung-yeon, who has a thick fan base with an immaculate skin and strong facial features, attracted attention by sharing a photo of her eating noodles on social media. Noodles are one of the mid-night snack loved by Korean stars enough for many of them to proclaim themselves as s noodle mania on TV. (photo by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, Domino’s Pizza, Gong Seung Yeon Instagram, bntnews DB)

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