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'Heart Beating' Romantic Valentine's Day Makeup TIP

[by Kim Minsoo] There are only few days left until the awaited Valentine’s Day. As it is an anniversary that comes only once a year, the biggest interest for women will be the makeup. It is natural to want to look prettier than any other day.

Let’s pay attention if you want this Valentine’s Day to be more brilliant than the usual day. For a romantic date, it's best to create a natural makeup look as possible and avoid anything that’s too over the top.

Here are some suggestions for Valentine's Day date makeup that will take the peak of the romantic mood.

# Skincare, prime for clear and healthy base skin


After cleansing, the basic steps of applying a firm moisture film on the skin and achieving cleaner finish should be given priority before heading to bed or applying the makeup. However, avoid using too many skincare products because it can be over-bearing to the skin.

In this case, let's wipe gently with a cotton pad moistened with 3CE While Milquidro Peeling Toner. If you remove all waste left on your skin and manage the soft skin texture, you will able to feel your skin absorbing the makeup well every morning.


It is a product that has undergone a low irritation test and can be used as a daily product, but if you have sensitive skin, it is recommended to use it 2-3 times a week.

# Creating flawless porcelain skin


Once you have removed the dead skin cells and completed your skin care, you are done with the best preparation to apply the makeup. In order to be a flawless girlfriend even up close to each other, let's create a clean porcelain skin. At this time, wearing too much or too white makeup can make the boyfriend frown.

When applying the face powder, choose a color that is the same as your skin tone or one tone brighter and use it partially thinly where you need it. 3CE MAISON KITSENE POWDER absorbs excess sebum and sweat selectively and keeps moisture so it keeps your makeup looking fresh like it was just applied.

# Lovely charm from two cheeks


If you add a romantic atmosphere and a lovable charm to increase your boyfriend's affection, you can say this Valentine's Day is a success. To do this, stay away from heavy makeup and try to give points to your cheeks and lips so that you feel as natural as possible without looking overdone.

The 3CE face blusher creates a smooth, lively cheeks that doesn’t look fake or cakey. Especially, it makes the skin look bright and healthy, express dimensions on any face, and completes the Valentine's Day makeup naturally. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda 3CE)

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Write: 2018-02-13 16:27:41 / Update: 2018-03-22 10:15:53

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