Cold Winter, How About a Movie Theater Date? US Box Office Ranking

[by Ma Che Lim] The calendar says it’s March but the lingering cold weather make us stay indoors. But we can’t stay at home every day because it’s cold. If you are looking for a date spot you can enjoy indoors, let’s pay attention.

It may seem a little clichéd, but on such a cold day, the movie theater date is perfect. Through the North American box office rankings that are attracting attention from the world, we have summarized the popular movies in theaters right now. In addition, we recommend dating food to enjoy after watching the movies.

Black Panther

The popularity of Marvel’s highly anticipated blockbuster, Ryan Coogler's new film 'Black Panther', is fierce. 'Black Panther' depicts T’Challa, who has become the new king of Wakanda after the ‘Civil War’ and the inevitable war he faces as the savior of the world, 'Black Panther'.

Black Panther is trying to protect Vibranium, a world’s rarest metal that only exist in Wakanda, along with his throne. He has genius intelligence, wealth to surpass the Iron Man and the physical ability that can match Captain America. T’Challa is portrayed by Chadwick Bossman, and Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong'o are among the cast.

Fifty Shades Freed

The movie '50 Shades of Grey', '50 Shades Darker' followed by '50 Shades Freed’ continues to top the box office rankings in the United States. James Foley's '50 Shades Freed’ is the last series to the bestselling novel '50 Shades', which has sold over 150 million copies worldwide.

'50 Shade Freed, unlike the previous series, contains the story of the reversal of the relationship between Christian Gray and Anastasia. Two people forgot all the past and fell deeper into each other. The secret relationship that began with Grey's unique sexual fetish is reversed by Anastasia who wants a greater stimulation. At the moment of the last peak of her instincts, how will this movie end?

The Greatest Showman

Michael Gracey's "The Greatest Showman" starring Hollywood actors Hugh Jackman, Jack Efron, Michelle Williams, and Rebecca Ferguson is an original musical film inspired by the story of American entrepreneur and showman PhineasTaylor Barnum.

'The Great Showman' is a combination of the 'Beauty and the Beast' production team and the 'La La Land' lyric team, bringing spectacular and rich music to the audience with dramatic fun and excitement. Despite being released around Christmas last year, thanks to the enthusiastic popularity, the 'Greatest Showman' is still holding its place in theaters in major cities around the world. If you want to enjoy your eyes and ears, check out this movie before spring approaches.

What to eat after the movie date

If you are worried about date food after watching movies at home or theater, why not try chicken that makes a hearty meal that matches well with various kinds of alcoholic beverages? Goobne Chicken can be enjoyed sweet or spicy according to your taste. It is a popular Korean brand of oven-grilled chicken, and it has become very popular in China, Japan, Malaysia and Mongolia.

Especially, the Goobne Chicken’s Curry Chicken Basasak boasts an extraordinary flavor. It is made by coating fresh raw meat with curry powder that is developed by the brand, and it has crispy texture and sweet and clean taste. If you dip it in the provide sauce, you can taste a whole new flavor and enjoy it in various way.

If you want to enjoy the exotic flavor and atmosphere, try steak with wine at an Italian restaurant. You’ll be able to capture the peak of luxurious and comfortable indoor dating. If you want to have a more relaxed date, it is also a good idea to try hot-pot that offers savory soup and a variety of meat. Hot-pot and lamb skewers, which are enjoyed with refreshing Chinese beer, are always attractive. If you watch a movie at home rather than in a movie theater, you can enjoy homemade popcorn, ice cream waffles and sweet pancakes.(photo by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, bntnews DB, movie 'Black Panther', '50 Shades Freed', 'Greatest Showman' poster)


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