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‘Warm and Stylish’ Changing Season Outer Fashion

[by Heo Gemma] As we enter March, we can feel the spring energy getting closer. You might be looking for thinner clothes from the closet as the temperature rises, but it’s too early to let your guards down. The last cold snaps are expected as the spring rain is added to the chilly winds that are still blowing day and night.

If you are worried about the cold to wear thin clothes but you can’t give up stylishness just for warmth, pay more attention to outers. A well-chosen outer can make you feel like you have 10 items! Let’s take a look at outerwear fashion that takes care of both warmth and fashion at the same time during the days with huge temperature differences. 

#Boosting Spring Energy 'Check pattern long trench coat'

A few days ago, actress Yoon Bora (Bora) attended ending ceremony of tvN weekend drama ‘A Korean Odyssey’, attracted attention with sensual styling. It was a warm and refreshing spring fashion with a check pattern long trench coat over the basic combination of black pants and white shirt. Here, she matched a black ankle boots with unique heel to complete a sophisticated look.

[Editor's Pick] Among the fast paced fashion market where trend changes every day, check pattern is an item that is loved for a long time. If you want to keep both warmth and style, let's prepare a long coat with pattern check. You don’t have to worry too much about what you wear inside because you can boost enough points with one outer.

# The basic staple of changing season 'Trench coat'

Korea's well-known fashionista, Clara, showed a style that is faithful to the basic instead of glamour. Last week, she showed up at Incheon International Airport to shoot a drama in China. Her shirt, pants and boots were unified in black to boast a chic charm and she added an essential item of caramel trench coat to complete a refined look. 

[Editor's Pick] If you only need one outer jacket to match the weather these days, maybe it's a trench coat. The trench coat, which is the basic staple of changing season fashion, is a particularly useful item for the ‘non-fashionable’ people. Even if you are not confident in fashion, you can show off your stylish charm with a well-chosen over fit trench coat. If you add little more detail with an ankle boots, the most fashionable person tonight will be you!

# ‘A gentle wool coat’ that blocks the last cold snap

The coat is regarded as a representative outerwear for winter, but it is one of the items not welcomed in the cold weather because it is somewhat lacking in warmth. Because of this, the coat is rather suitable for spring and autumn. Shin Min-a recently appeared at Incheon International Airport to attend a fashion event in Paris, and her style is a good example of spring coat fashion. She wore a beige-colored long coat over black cropped pants and a turtleneck sweater, and she completed a sophisticated airport fashion with simple and basic items.

[Editor's Pick] Everyone must have experienced buying a coat for the winter and ends up being untouched in the closet until spring. So, if you are planning to buy a coat, it is better to pick items that can be worn all throughout winter and all the way to spring. The beige wool coat that comes to the ankle is a smart item that catches all the warmth and style. The classic design that is faithful to the basic rather than the item containing the colorful design doubles the style.(photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda)

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