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NO-POO, is it really effective?

[by Hwang Yeon-do] Recently, as the voice that calls for cutting off chemical products from touching you skin continue to rise, the number of people who stopped using the shampoo completely, so called ‘no poo-ers,’ are growing as well. 

No poo-er is an abbreviation for ‘No Shampoo’, and it means you wash your hair with baking soda or vinegar instead of shampoos containing chemicals. In overseas, it is gaining more attention after it was introduced as the hair loss prevention for Hollywood stars like Jessica Simpson, Jonny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow.

However, some scalp experts are questioning the effectiveness of washing only with water, saying that it can cause various troubles since the washing power is low. There for the pros and cons debate regarding the ‘No-Poo’ method continues to heat up intensely. Is ‘No-Poo’ really the right way to go? Let's dig for the truth.

#Beginning of NO-POO fever

The start of the ‘No-Poo’ or ‘No-chemi’ fever has been triggered by the perception that chemical components such as surfactants and preservatives are damaging to health. According to ‘No-Poo’ supporters, the chemical ingredients in the shampoo go into the pores of the scalp, damaging the hair follicles and making the hair weak and thin.

According to the Japanese anti-aging specialist Ryuichi Utsugi, "The strong cleansing power of the shampoo also causes the adverse effects of excess development of sebaceous glands due to the lack of sebum needed for the scalp, which makes the hair even oilier." Especially, shampoo contains strong antiseptic preservative such as paraben, which not only prevents the entry of bacteria and fungus, but also killing the Bacteriologic Flora of the scalp to cause more trouble.

Those who participate actively in the ‘No-Poo’ Movement say that when they stopped using shampoos and washed their hair with water only, the excessively developed sebaceous glands were reduced to supply sufficient nutrition. This makes the stem cells of the follicles healthy and the hair becomes fuller and thicker.

#No-Poo, is it the right way?

What do experts think about ‘No-Poo’? Most experts argue that everyone starting to try the ‘No-Poo’ method just because it is in trend is the biggest problem. Not considering the health and hair condition of your scalp and trying the ‘No-Poo’ method without correct information is the shortcut to ruin your scalp health. 

Of the scalp types, those who have oily scalp should pay more attention before attempting the ‘No-Poo’ method. It is difficult to remove sebum, dandruff, and wastes from water only for oily type scalp, which is usually full of sebum secretion. Rather, if not washed properly, sebum and waste products can block the pores and cause inflammation or hair loss. Especially, when many people with scalp sebum try the ‘No-Poo’ method, they have to be more careful because they are more likely to get seborrheic dermatitis.

Seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease with recurrence rate of up to 40%. Ryuichi Utsugi, a representative of ‘No-Poo’, said that those with severe seborrheic dermatitis cannot solve their issues with ‘No-Poo’.

The first step in resolving seborrheic dermatitis is to use scalp scaling products that are excellent for sebum removal. Ha’sol Intensive Shampoo, which is gaining popularity among people who are suffering from seborrheic dermatitis through word of mouth, is a product from Ecomine for oily and seborrheic scalp that is excellent in dandruff, dead skin cell care. If you use Ha’sol Intensive Scalp Tonic with the shampoo, which is a scalp-strengthening nutrient, it will not only relieve itching but also cure scalp inflammation.

If you already had chronic seborrheic dermatitis for a long time and it is difficult to cure it with products alone, we recommend you visit a specialized clinic. Ha’sol Scalp Clinics is a program that cleanse harmful elements such as excess sebum, inflammation, seborrhea, and scalp dead skin cell to normalize sebaceous glands, release toxins, restore ion balance and improve you scalp health. You can maximize the synergy effect by combining the special shampoo and clinic management for seborrheic scalp. (photo by bntnews DB, Ecomine)

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