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Is it possible to color without damaging the hair?

[by Hwang Yeon-do] When we watch the celebrities on the big screen, everyone has a question. The fact all of them hair shiny healthy hair despite their frequent dye, bleach, perms and daily use of hot heat irons.

Often, when people want a little escape from their daily routine or change their moods, they often change their hairstyle. This is so common when we see a friend with a new hairstyle, we ask if they have broken up with their significant other.

But in reality, it is not easy for the ordinary people to change up their hair. Everyone would like to challenge themselves like the infinitely changing hairstyles of the idols but just one use of chemicals can cause a lot of damages to your hair. 

Is there no way to change your hair without worrying about hair damage?

#Damaged hair cannot be reversed

There are people who have shiny hair without any special care. On the other hand, there are people who have coarse hair like a broom even though the never received any chemical treatments. 

Even though there may not be a big difference, there are good reasons for those who have good hair. First, use products that match your scalp and hair. Second, wash your hair at night. Third, comb through the hair before shampooing. Fourth, make sure to dry the hair thoroughly. Fifth, Spray essence before using styling device... There must be more various lifestyle habits in addition to these.

In the end, the key point we want to convey is that once damaged hair is not easily restored, so it should be prevented in advance. The hair that is already cracked and torn has limitations even if it receives expensive clinic treatments. If you want shiny, luscious hair, let's change your usual habits.

#How to minimize hair damage when dyeing

There is no way to completely avoid hair damage when dyeing or perming the hair. Because hard chemicals must be used with hot heating equipment’s for a long period of time. But we still can give up dyeing our hair. What are some ways to minimize damage?

First, to reduce hair damage, it is best not to shampoo immediately before dyeing the hair. This is because the hair dye penetrates into the scalp pores during the dyeing process and the damage can be intensified. Also, some sebum helps prevent hair damage and helps the follicles to absorb color.

When applying hair dyes, apply them on the hair away from the scalp first and work your way to the scalp at the last step. The hair on the scalp area is thin and has a lot of heat, which can darken the color compared to other areas to ruin the overall color balance. It is advisable to refrain from using hot heating devices during the dyeing process. Hot heat can shorten the time but it can cause burns and damages to the scalp.

#Hair Damage Blocking Dye ITEM

1. ECOMINE Jayeon-e meuldeulida: Most of the hair is made up of proteins, so using chemicals with strong chemical dyes will cause damage. Ecomine's Jayeon-e meuldeulida is a dye that consists of herbs and grains, instead of the existing chemical dyes. It is catching the eyes of the beauty world because when it was tested on skin, hair breakage (tensile strength), and haircut cuticle damage, the results equaled to the chemical based hair dye in all respects. You mix the natural grain powder with water and apply to your hair and scalp like the traditional method. Many beauty experts are presenting their own unique color recipes with various mix methods.

2. L’oréal PARIS GERANIUM RADIANCE REMEDY Masque: frequent dyeing is bound to cause damage. This product is a hair pack for coarse hair that has lost its shine. It is made of oil extract from geranium, which is a plant with excellent coloring, and made into a clear formulation. It adds moisture and shine to the damaged hair. After shampoo, apply an appropriate amount on the entire wet hair, leave for 2 ~ 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

3. Pilaso Angel Around SHOW KING POD: It is better to use a special treatment over regular conditioner for damaged hair. This product simply replenishes the hair instead of making synthetic oils like the conditioner, so it is possible to produce a light and moisturizing hair. It is a weakly acidic product that minimizes irritation to hair and scalp. It is composed of water-soluble proteins, so you can feel smooth and volumized hair. After shampoo, apply it to hair except scalp and lather for 1 ~ 2 minutes, then massage and wash it off with clear water.

4. Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush: It is a product for severely damaged hair from frequent hair dye and perms. The wide gap between the bristles makes it easy to detangle the hair, you can lightly tap on the scalp for a massage as well. The wooden handle prevents statics so it can be useful.  (photo by bntnews DB, EcoMine, L'Oreal Paris, Pilaso, Aveda)

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