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Thirsty Skin After Cleansing, Let’s Solve it in the Bathroom!

[by Shin Yeon Kyung] Flowers are slowly blooming and spring weather is in full swing, but our skin is still in winter. It cracks from dryness and feels thirsty and trapped underneath the dead skin cells. If you ignore the cry for help and neglected proper care, you are already on the road to damaged skin. 

Dryness intensifies during the changing season and the fine dust and dust storms attack your skin to make it prone to skin trouble. This is why you need intense moisture control. In particular, the rapid supply of hydration after cleansing increases the rate at which the skin absorbs moisture and prevents water loss.

Moisture evaporates in 3 seconds after cleansing. Let's practice the moisture supply according to the skin condition before the moisture of the face dries up.

Dehydrated Skin... Refresh with basic care products

The so-called dehydrated skin, AKA water-deficient skin, is characterized by excessive sebum secretion, oily external skin and strong pulling sensation. In the case of dehydrated skin, the skin protection of the seasonal changes is weakened and needs more careful management.

Applying a moisturizing product unconditionally to solve the dryness will rather break down the oil balance and release a higher amount of oil in order not to lose moisture. After cleansing with a basic product such as mist and toner, wipe off oil and add moisture to keep it clean.

Dry skin type... Create protection film with an ampoule 

Dry skin feels painful due to extreme dryness. Especially, since the skin pulls the most before applying the moisturizing product after cleansing, the dry skin needs the immediate moisture supply.

As the dryness of the skin increases, the skin creates more dead skin cells. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the dead skin cells to smooth out the skin texture and to replenish hydration with functional products such as moisture cream and essence, as well as moisturize and nutrition deep in to the skin to build up protective barrier. Afterwards, it is possible to keep moisture for a long time by protecting the skin with a proper oil-containing ampoule to prevent moisture from evaporating.

Editor’s Pick

01 KIEHL'S Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner is for normal to oily type to reduce the excess sebum on the skin surface and balances the oil content of the skin. It has no artificial fragrance or artificial pigment, and makes skin comfortable.

02 belif Numero 10 essence The in-bath moisture essence that protects skin moisture that evaporates within 10 seconds immediately after cleansing. A natural herbal ingredient is effective in soothing the skin.

03 HUWAY SOONARI Premium Peptide Ampoule A highly concentrated premium functional ampoule that contains triple peptides and ginseng extracts transforms dehydrated and fatigued skin in to youthful skin. Jojoba seed oil forms a thin oil film to prevent moisture loss. (photo by Huway, Kiehl, belif, bntnews DB)

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Write: 2018-03-29 13:55:16 / Update: 2018-03-30 13:09:50

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