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Travel to Hong Kong? April is the best!

 [by Ma Chae Lim] The night is still chilly as the weather is jealous of the upcoming spring. If you want to enjoy a relaxed and colorful trip with a light attire with a spring feeling, let's go to Hong Kong. April is the best weather for your Hong Kong trip. Those who need a good rest, do not miss Hong Kong in April. In addition to the weather, here are useful information gor traveling in Hong Kong, such as clothes, hotels, and nightlife that you can enjoy in the city.

# April Hong Kong Weather & Clothes

April in Hong Kong is two months ahead of Beijing. The average minimum temperature is 20.8 degrees Celsius and the average maximum temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. It is easy when you think of the the June weather in Beijing. It is perfect for outdoor activities since the temperature change during the day and night is mild. However, it rains more than Beijing and Seoul so make sure to check the forecast first. Monthly average precipitation is 174.7mm and average monthly precipitation is 12 days.

You can wear early summer clothes to enjoy Hong Kong in April. It is recommended to wear short sleeves, thin shirts, and blouses. It is recommended to have cardigan or other light outer wear for sudden rain and wind. Also, it rains about half of the month so carry around small and lightweight portable umbrella in hand.

# Hong Kong Hotels

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. This 5-star hotel is centrally located and features comfortable, contemporary interiors and stunning views. Four Seasons Hotel is a 10-minute walk from the Hong Kong MTR Station and a 10-minute walk to the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal. They also provide 24-hour room service, valet parking, express check-in and check-out.

Lan Kwai Fong hotels. This is a 4-star hotel located 10 minutes from Hong Kong's Xuanwang Station. It is a 5-minute walk from Soho, the International Financial Center and the mid-level escalator. Currency exchange and child care services are available, and you can always get help with an internal tour desk. The red interior of the Chinese style maximized the atmosphere of Hong Kong travel. The internal restaurant is excellent and features friendly staff and excellent views.

Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Soho. This is a reasonably priced 3-star hotel located 5 minutes walking distance from Hongqiao Wangwan Station. The IFC Mall is a 15-minute away, offering convenient shopping and close to Man-moo Temple, Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal and Soho. They offer low internet fee with high speed.

# ‘Mukbang’ in Hong Kong's city

The oven-roasted chicken brand, Goobne Chicken Hong Kong Central Branch is located on the 5th floor of the M88 building in the financial district. If you consider the taste as well as the health, let's enjoy the Goobne Chicken which is not fried in the oven but roasted in the oven. The popular menu of Goobne Chicken Hong Kong Central Restaurant, 'Honey Curry Basasak Chicken', offers sweet taste of honey and exotic curry flavors that won’t leave your head. In addition, there are various menus such as original chicken, soy garlic chicken, and pepper basasak chicken. The savory flavor and crispy texture helped Goobne Chicken to be No1 oven-roast chicken in Korea and lead ‘Korean wave’ of chickens. The neat interior decor and friendly service of the staff are added bonus.

The Wolf River steak house is famously known as the four great American steak restaurants. It is located near the Central Station G / D exit. The Wolf River steakhouse is headquartered in New York and has branches in Beverly Hills, Waikiki, Miami, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Manila, Singapore and Beijing. Luxurious interiors, great taste and high quality service make it a great place to visit.

Uma Nota, a restaurant on Soho Street offer a fusion of Japanese and South American fusion cuisine and a variety of cocktails. Wood interiors add to the comfort. There are plenty of tables available to accommodate groups, and there is a separate bar table for cocktails. Store open at 6 pm.
(photo by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, bntnews DB, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong Hotel, Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Soho, Uma Nota, Wolf River Steak House Official Website)

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