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3 Korean food in Hong Kong

[by Ma Chae Lim] Hong Kong is full of exotic atmosphere. It is considered to be a hot place filled with glittering neon signs that seem to forget the night, colorful sights, and delicious food. It's good to see, experience and shop for new things you have not seen before, but the best part of your trip is to taste the different foods that blend well with the atmosphere. If you want to enjoy a more special meal, look for Korean food in Hong Kong.

Goobne Chicken

Bulgogi, pork belly, Japchae, Pajeon, Kimbap, Tteokbokki, Kimchi, Bibimbap, Dried seaweed.... There are typical foods that come to mind when thinking about Korean food. There is a new Korean meal that stands tall with the rest of the group, Chicken. A Korean style chicken has diversity that is more eye-catching than other countries. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the night snack which Koreans love the most. Especially, it is stimulating the curiosity of foreigners by introducing the 'Chimak' (chicken and beer) culture in various drama that led the Korean wave such as SBS drama 'My love from the star'.

Here, the Korea’s No.1 oven-roasted chicken brand, which roast the chicken instead of deep frying for you health, gained huge popularity in Hong Kong. The 'BBQ Chicken Hong Kong Central Store' is in the M88 Building located in the financial commercial district of Hong Kong and is easy for the locals as well as the visitors to enjoy. The sweet curry flavor of 'Honey Curry Basasak', light and crispy 'Original Chicken', savory soy sauce flavored with garlic flavor, 'Soy Garlic Chicken' Chicken 'and the eye-opening spiciness of ‘Gochu Basasak Chicken’ is available to choose according to your taste.


Located in Hong Kong's Central Soho Street, Mimi2Go is a small, specialty lunch shop specializing in Korean food. Mimi2Go, a neat Korean-style house run by Koreans captivates the passers-by with its modern interpretation of a charming Korean-style interior and blue door. It is famous for not using seasoning and it has a separate dinner menu and a lunch menu with various foods.

Dinner menu includes ribs, roasted ssambab, beef bulgogi, bulgogi japchae, spicy pork, chicken bulgogi, crunchy chicken and it also has simple snacks such as as tteokbokki, hot noodles and kimbap. For bibimbap menu, there are 9 kinds, such as super-food bibimbap, detox bibimbap, spicy pork bibimbap and more. As for Mimi2Go’s lunch box menus include galbi BBQ box, bulgogi box, spicy pork box, mackerel box, gochujang chicken bulgogi box, sautéed squid box, tofu steak box and more. If you want to enjoy Korean food at a reasonable price, you should try Mimi2Go’s Korean lunch boxes.

Won Pung Won

If you want to enjoy more abundant Korean food, visit the Korean restaurant "Won Pung Won". The spacious interior and wide variety of menus that are reminiscent of local restaurants in Korea. It is also a good place for a meeting as well as a family meal. It is a Korean restaurant run by Koreans, and it received a Presidential commendation, so the taste is guaranteed. What is the main menu of Won Pung Won which not only captures the visitors who want to taste Korean food in Hong Kong but also hits the taste of Hong Kong locals.

If you like grilled dishes, try the lamb, squid, shrimp, fish, and shellfish with seasoned green onions. If you are looking for a savory soup, try Shabushabu, seafood hotpot, giblet hotpot, or potato soup. In addition, it boasts appetizers such as sweet galbi stew, japchae, stir-fried octopus, seasoned dishes such as Conch shells mixed with vegetables, and all kinds of jeon dishes which you cook by dunking them in eggs mixed with wheat flour. They have many familiar menus such as galbi soup, soy bean soup, kimchi fried rich and more so if you are curious about Korean foods, make sure to visit their restaurant. (photo by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, bntnews DB, Mimi2Go official Facebook, Won Pung Won OpenRice official page)

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