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How to use toner to solve dry skin

[by Shin Yeon Kyung] Dry skin troubles continue from winter to now. Among the thousands of beauty know-how tips, skincare using the basis item toner is grabbing our attention.

In fact, those who started intensive skin care by using toner actually felt improvements on inner skin pulling due to severe dryness. This technique is attracting interests from many people since this is something you can do so easily at home without having to purchase expensive products and still get great results from the basic product you already have.

Toners that can be transformed in various ways, and we introduce how to use the toner to fill moisture to your skin during in-between seasons.

Skin Texture Management

Recently, a term "Wipe Toner" became a new hot word. The most basic way to use toner is to use cotton pad and wipe along the skin texture. This is a technique to remove left over makeup residue, fine dust and sebum after cleansing to manage smooth skin texture.

At this time, do not stop at once and repeat about seven times. The seven skin method, known as the skin's know-how of stars, prevents the skin from drying out rapidly and allows moisture to remain on the surface of the skin for a long time.

Toner pack

Dry skin, which needs to be moisturized thoroughly, requires a wau to transmit moisture deep into the skin. Let's apply toner on a cotton pad and use it like a face pack. Toner packs are good for dry areas before applying the make-up. The fresh and moisturizing texture increase the adhesion of the makeup without creasing.

When using a toner pack, you should choose a product that does not have any alcohol, so you can avoid irritation to your skin. Also by keeping it in the refrigerator, you will be able to enjoy skin calming effect as well.

Toner wash

The toner wash, which started in Europe, is a way to finish the cleansing by mixing the toner with water when you wash your face. It is excellent for maintaining moist skin immediately after cleansing, when you lose moisture the most, and adjusting the pH index and the water balance of the skin.

In the process of finishing the cleansing, wash away the remaining residue once again with the water mixed with the toner. Don’t wipe off the excess water on the face, instead tap it in to absorb them to your skin. Choose a water-type product that can be diluted with water that does not contain alcohol, artificial flavors, or pigments.

Editor’s Pick!

01 HUWAY Sesamis W Natural Skin Toner A highly concentrated toner product that instantly replenishes moisture and smooth out skin texture immediately after cleansing. It regulates moisture supply, nutrition and pH balance. Beta Glucan, yam, broccoli and sea tangle ingredients improve skin problems and prevent aging.

02 BIOTHERM SKIN OXYGEN Chlorella ingredients cleanses the skin from harmful substances and contains 7 essential herbal essential oils to help soothe the skin and manage the wastes accumulated in the pores.

03 IOPE HYALURONIC SOFTENER Contains Hyaluronic Acid and is an excellent product for filling with moisture. Yam Root Extract provide ample moisture and smoothens the skin. (photo by Huway, Biotherm, IOPE, bnt news DB)

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