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Frequent Hair Dyeing, Is it Safe?

As the unique styling of individuals become the hot trend, Dyeing methods have also been diversified accordingly. Not only do they have a unique and bright colors, some even self-dye at home to create flaring hair styles like the celebrities.

But there is a fact we have overlooked. The safety problem of the hair dye. Recently, many people choose hennas in place for hair dyes due to the side effects of hair dyes, but even the hennas were not free of bad side effects.

You don’t want to give up your style but worry about the side effects to continue dyeing your hair. Is there no way to color your hair without risking your safety?

# Side effects of generic dyes and henna

A university hospital took a survey from 319 adults over 20 years old who have dyed their hair before and found 23.8% have experienced negative side effects. In addition, In addition, it was found that one out of every four people who dye their hair to cover the grays experienced side effects of dyeing as well. Side effects that many people suffer from. What is the reason for this?

Most common dyes are a mixture of ammonia and a hydrogen peroxide. Strongly acidic ammonia helps to penetrate the surface of the hair and help the hair dyes to seep in to the hair. The strong acid hydrogen peroxide plays a role in destroying the hair melanin pigment.
However, the problem is that strong ammonia and hydrogen peroxide not only damage the cuticle layer of the scalp but also cause skin troubles, eye rash and decrease the immunity of the hair. The higher the content of the ingredient, the worse the side effect, and in severe cases, it leads to hair loss.

Henna, which was believed to be safer than regular dyes, is also causing few side effects. Since the natural henna ingredient has limited coloring power, there is no choice but to mix other ingredients.

Particularly, in order to produce a black color, a chemical component called paraphenylenediamine (PPD) has to be added, and the higher the concentration of the component, the stronger the irritation is to the skin. According to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), long-term skin contact with the ingredient may cause asthma and respiratory failures, and if it has contact with the eyes for a long time, it can cause vision impairment or blindness. Therefore, we recommend that you try patch tests to check for side effects rather than using dyes with no preparation.

# there is a way to dye your hair without side effects?

Despite the constant incidence of side effects, most hair salons still often dye customers’ hair with regular dyes and henna. To overcome this reality, there is a dye that has recently emerged as an alternative. It is the 'herbal powder type hair dye' from Jayeon-e Meuldeulida.
Hypoallergenic dyes, which do not contain ammonia and parabens, are excellent for protection of scalp hair by minimizing the degree of hair damage. It is also super convenient since you can dye your hair immediately by mixing it with water only.

Jayeon-e Meuldeulida is franchise natural dyeing rooms that treats clients’ hair with nature dyeing products, and specializes in dyeing herbs without any side effects. You can get all kinds of hair dye clinic from here. Sometime they add teas to natural herb powder instead of water, to create special recipe that fits the customer's concern.

The CEO Moon Wae-sook explained, "We have developed a natural dye that can protect hair at low cost in order to eliminate the inconvenience of customers who need frequent cover ups (gray cover) or root dyeing. If the power of nature manage the ever increasing number of people with thinning hair, they will be able to maintain healthy and strong hair. 
Naturalist dyeing workshop, Jayeon-e Meuldeulida, is becoming a blue-chip of the hair market since it can be established as a small business but also differentiation from existing dyeing brands.

On the other hand, Ecomine is an eco-friendly scalp care Cosmetics Company that thinks of the environment and people first and research to develop environmentally friendly new material composition, based on the know-how of scalp management center for 16 years.
(photo by bnt news DB, Jayeon-e Meuldeulida, Ecomine)

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