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Best Mask Pack According to Skin Concerns!

[by Sin Yeon Kyung] In the early summer when the skin becomes dry and sensitive due to the harsh sunlight, the irregular skin condition continues to stress us out. How can you revitalize your tired face from dehydration and darkening, sensitive skin from strong UV rays and skin elasticity due to aging?

Let's choose a mask pack that is easy for everyone. Thanks to its short and simply 10 to 20 minutes use and the instant results, it is considered to be an indispensable skin care method for all seasons. Especially in the summer when skin restoration is required, one pack a day is necessary.

To use more effective mask packs of different types and functions, first check your skin condition. If you use a product that does not fit your skin, it cause more harm. Here are some of the suitable mask packs that are recommended for the typical skin troubles in summer.

Dry and sensitive skin ... Refresh and hydrate with Moisture and soothing mask pack

In the summer when you sweat more than usual, failing to intake enough water can lead your body to dehydrate. Furthermore, in the early summer when the humidity is low, the hot temperature and the strong ultraviolet rays make the skin moisture hot and dry. If dry and sensitive skin is your problem, concentrate on skin soothing and moisture care.

A non-irritating moisturizing mask pack with hyaluronic acid penetrate deep to moisturize your skin and is suitable for 1 pack a day skin care. In addition, the sea bird's nest extract, green tea, and lemon extract, which help to regenerate cells, provide cool feeling and radiance so it is good to keep it as a home care product.

Editor’s Pick

01 HUWAY Sesamis BIRD'S NEST HYDRA MASK Contains sea bird’s nest extracts and hyaluronic acid to impart moisturizing and radiance to dry and rough skin. This soft mask sheet is suitable for all skin types and boasts absorbency and adhesion.

02 MEDIHEAL TEATREE CARE SOLUTION ESSENTIAL MASK EX The tea tree oil, chamomile extract, and Centella asiatica extract helps the sensitive skin to calm the irritation caused by the external environment.

Dull and wrinkled skin ... Brighten and add Firmness with Whitening and Anti-aging mask pack

Nowadays, when the weather is warm and you are enjoying more outdoor activities, it is necessary to protect yourself from UV rays. However, in early summer you are not as alert about the UV rays, and the exposure to ultraviolet rays increases the melanin pigment, and the skin becomes dull and deepens wrinkles before you know it.

If you are concerned about dull skin and deep wrinkles, choose a functional mask pack. Functional mask packs containing highly concentrated essences can be used when intensive care is required. But if you use it every day, you may overload the nutrients that your skin can accept, and this can lead to excess oil or trouble. So keep in moderation to create firm and flowing skin.

Editor’s Pick

01 CNP POWER BRIGHTENING D-DAY MASK By using ampules and masks simultaneously, the two efficacious ingredients make the skin look clear and bright to increase the skin condition before you apply your makeup.

02 Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Creamy Mask Intensive nutrition is provided for skin moisturizing and elasticity care by absorbing the powerful ginseng energy from the renewing cream. (photo by Huway, Mediheal, CNP, Sulwhasoo, bnt news DB)

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Write: 2018-06-08 19:00:45 / Update: 2018-06-08 19:08:11

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