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3 steps of skin care to regenerate into sparkling skin

[by Hwang Sohee] Summer that continues heat wave and rainy season is a cruel season for skin, because it is easy to be burned by high ultraviolet rays and affected eczema during humid rainy season. And the skin that lost elasticity by hot heat is certain to have the black shadow as wrinkles.  

To keep the skin from these external stimulus, moisturizing is the most important. Especially in summer season when hot heat and humid weather are repeated, it should be managed from the basic phase because the skin barrier can be easy to be collapsed. 

The first thing to notice for regeneration as healthy skin is a moisture management. The moisture layer which is filled from the inside of skin can protect the skin from external stimulus and create brilliant sparkling skin. In this summer, let’s accomplish sparling skin that the beauty of health is fulfilled with 3 steps of skin care to take responsible for skin health.

Step1 Skin Pack

The moisture management way which is customized in summer is a skin pack that can give a sufficient moisture and relaxation effect to the stimulated skin by ultraviolet rays. When skin lotion which is stored in refrigerator is used in steep with cotton beauty after wash up, it can lower the skin temperature and relax stimulated skin. In particular summer when the amount of sebum is large, to use light essence or gel typed products will be outstanding because it is difficult to absorb and can be occurred trouble if you use heavy textured product.


3CE White Milquidro Mild Toner fills tightly with milk energy from the inside of skin and so that can make a clean and healthy skin. It also creates a transparent and clean skin texture including the relaxation effect on a dry and stimulated skin. Especially, it is an excellent item for skin care in summer season, as it helps to control of oil and moisture on the skin and transfers the sense of moisture.   

Step2 Mask Pack

It is important to provide a relaxation effect and sufficient nutrition with mask pack for suffered skin from burning sun and air-conditioning winds for all day long. Please arrange your skin with skin lotion after night wash-up and patch the pack stored in the refrigerator. At this time, it is more effective to use the pack that the product contains tea tree ingredients which has excellent effects or products contains hyaluronic acid which is effective in providing moisture. For the residual essence after detach of the pack, please tap it with your hands to absorb into the skin, and then finish with gel typed cream, let’s present the sense of miniaturizing with wet and cool for tired skin during whole day.


3CE Back To Baby Mask #Nourishing Special, focused on gloss and nutrition moisturizing, provides nutrition by glow essence into dry skin and creates moist skin with the forming of moisture layer by cream mask. It contains ingredient of hyaluronic acid, which is outstanding to form moisture, and creates smooth and elastic skin.

Step3 Mist

Since mist, unlike toner or lotion, doesn’t need to be taken out on to hand, it is easy to use anytime and anywhere, and easy to absorb because it is sprayed as a shape of tiny particle. When you feel heat sense on the stimulated skin by the hot sun or the moisture is insufficient, let’s spray mist often. You can feel the relaxation effect including the immediate sense of cooling. In summer season, let’s solve ultraviolet protection including moisturizing using mist that has the function of ultraviolet-proof at a time.   


3CE Boosting Sun Mist makes wet skin which was crisp by the loss of moisture and it is smoothly infiltrated into skin because the texture of milk toner is sprayed finely. Since it has the powerful effect of ultraviolet protection, it is simple and easy to use compared to cream textured product that is hard to reapply. (photo by bnt News DB, Style Nanda 3CE)

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