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Base makeup by summer skin type KNOW HOW

[by Hwang So-hee] As we enter mid-June, the high temperatures let us feel the arrival of the summer. The multiple layers of sunscreen and foundations in order to protect skin exposed to strong UV rays often bunch up and easily erased by sweat and oil.

In the summer, when makeup longevity weakens, it is important to provide differentiate management by the skin type. Oily skin with a lot of oil, dry skin lacking moisture and sensitive skin all need appropriate management measures.

If you are worried because of makeup crumbling in the summer, let's pay attention. We offer base makeup know-how that is suitable for oily, dry and sensitive skin types. Let's use a smart skin makeup method suitable for my skin and create healthy skin texture.

# Oily Skin

The most difficult skin type in the summer is oily skin with excessive oil with high sebum secretion on the skin surface. In particular, makeup can be easily removed with oil, making it difficult to sustain makeup, and makeup can bunch on the skin.

If you thought people with oily skin should use matte products unconditionally, it is a mistake. Oily skin is more prone to dehydration to cause pulling or makeup can bunch up easily. Therefore, it is important to choose a foundation that can replenish moisture to inside of the skin and complement the T-zone where the oil is produced in a large amount.


The 3CE Matte fit Foundation captures the oil on the surface of the skin and replenishes moisture from deep inside of the skin, creating a smooth, moisturizing yet matte finish. The skin-fitting powder that maximizes the adhesion force does not easily collapse because it coats the skin thinly, and the elastomer gel can fill the rugged unevenness to create luxurious skin texture.

#Dry Skin

Dry skin, which is rough due to lack of moisture, will cause wrinkles and prominent skin aging. Not only the dry skin has dead skin cell build ups due to the dryness, but also causes makeup to grab on to dry patches and crease in the wrinkle lines.

It is advisable to use a dewy foundation so that rough and dry skin will not show off the dried dead skins. In particular, it is necessary to use a base product that provides moisture around the eyes and mouth where it is easy to get wrinkles and even out the oil and water balance.


Love 3CE Baby Glow Cushion Foundation is made from low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and pearl ingredients, and high gloss oil captures the moisture in the skin to produce natural radiant skin. It doesn’t oxidize, so you can maintain clean and clear skin tone throughout the day.

# Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin, which is delicate, thin and easily irritated by external factors, requires special care when choosing your products. Especially, the sensitive skin exposed to strong UV rays and hot heat in the summer may cause troubles such as erythema and heat rash, so it is important to protect your skin.

When the irritated skin builds up dead skin cells and dry out due to collapse moisturizing film, it is necessary to create a new stronger moisture barrier. Let's complete a healthy skin texture with a light and moisturizing foundation with ingredients that can soothe the skin.


3CE Pink Boutique Creamful Foundation has a light and soft texture that adheres to the skin comfortably to cover skin imperfections and troubles at once. Especially, it contains Belgian spa water and Sea-buckthorn oil, which is full of antioxidant. It can supply sensitive skin with moisture and nourishment and maintain smooth skin condition. (photo by bnt news DB, Style nanda 3CE)

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