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Various scalp-hair troubles, How should it be managed?

Consumption era of buying expensive luxury goods to embellish outer appearance is long gone. Nowadays, the trend is 'Inner Beauty', where you find beauty by filling health from the inside of the body.

Yoon (29, female), an Assistant Manager at a famous cosmetics brand in Korea, is a woman who wears luxury bags and extravagant brand dresses as a beauty industry worker. She has enjoyed purchasing the trendiest items from makeup to clothing and accessories.

There was a small change for her. She felt the necessity of ‘Inner Beauty’ by looking at the lump of hair she lost every time she washed her hair, feel her hair continuously thinning out and suffer through red, itchy scalp. So, she has determined to invest in 'Inner Beauty' by getting a membership of a specialized clinic for her unhealthy scalp.

There may be a many people who have experienced same situations as Yoon. Especially, if the scalp is not managed properly, it will cause more trouble. If you are worried about thinning hair and scalp irritation, we recommend you to visit a professional clinic as soon as possible. It will be a shortcut to solve the root cause.

▶ What types of procedures are available in the systematic scalp program?

If you detect abnormal signals due to scalp troubles, visit a professional center rather than trying solve it at home. This is the way to make precise diagnose and proper management for it, so you can receive quick and effective scalp treatment. We analyzed what kind of system and management are used at the professional scalp clinic.

1.  Scalp examination and cause analysis by type
Through advanced examination system, the clinic thoroughly analyze individual scalp type, hair cycle, pore damage status, hair thickness, diameter, scalp hair condition, and hair loss degree to diagnose the cause and find the customized management method. Then they provide 1: 1 consultation and customized management method based on detailed data.

2. Scalp Cleansing
Remove dandruff, excess sebum, dead skin cells and other 'harmful factors' from the scalp. It also improves the cause of genetic alopecia and cleanses the 'Inner Scalp Environment' by DHT generation control solution and inhibiting androgen receptor binding.

3. Scalp Circulation
Along with cleanliness, it relieves scalp tension, releases toxins, and circulates blood and lymph flow. It provides oxygen supply and scalp circulation by relaxing the neck and back muscles to satisfy toxin release and relaxation.

4. Improve and strengthen scalp environment
Penetrates the nutrients of each scalp type and activates the hair cells. It improves the troubles by strengthening the immunity of scalp anti-inflammation, antibacterial and monocyte. Also, strengthen thin hair to coarse hair through intensive care and keep steady home care at home. 

▶ If you want to visit the scalp clinic center?

If you are planning to visit the scalp management facility for the scalp troubles, why not consider the HAESOL Hair Esthetic Clinic, which is famous in Busan for scalp management. The brand's scalp hair loss management system is built to suit the characteristics and lifestyle of Koreans, and it manages selection options according to individual scalp type and hair loss progression. They also provide quality programs that ensure safety, technicality, and professionalism for the sensitive scalp.

In particular, Haesol Hair Esthetic Clinic's Namcheon branch, which has been receiving popularity through word-of-mouth in Namcheon for Hair Loss Control, is currently providing free diagnosis of scalp and provides basic management, problem management and early hair loss management at low cost.

The scalp is the most sensitive area compared to any other area. It is an area where it needs not a comprehensive management, but a management program that is appropriate to the condition of the scalp of the person to treat it effectively. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a professional center that can manage more precisely and accurately than the outlandish self-care. (photo by Haesol Hair Esthetic Clinic, Ecomine, bnt news DB)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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