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Traveling to Hong Kong in July, what should you wear?

[by Ma Chae Rim] A bright summer that emits active energy. The Hong Kong’s weather is always ahead of time so the summer has fully started in July. If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong, the most important thing is to check the weather. We introduce Hong Kong's July weather and proper attire.

July weather in Hong Kong

July in Hong Kong is not different from other countries and the weather is hot and humid. The average low temperature is 27℃ and the average high temperature is 31℃. The average temperature difference of day and night is about 4.6 ℃, which is less than Beijing's average of 9.2 ℃. Therefore, there is no burden to carry around extra clothes, and it is easy to wear light clothes all day.

The most important thing to note is that it rains a lot. The average rainfall in Hong Kong in July is 377mm, which is fairly high. You can think that it rains on average 18 days a month. Because it is rainy and the temperature is high, it may feel humid and sticky. So it will be helpful to carry a deodorant product that prevents sweating, a cooling sun spray which can be sprayed on the whole body, a handkerchief or a mini sports towel.

If you want to become a Hong Kong fashion people?

In Hong Kong’s all day hot weather, it is recommended to wear cool clothes with good ventilation. But it would be so sad if you have to give up your style to stay cool and convenient when you are on a trip that can leave so-called ‘life photo’. So, what is a stylish yet cool outfit?

Amiee Song, a world-class fashion blogger, is attracting attention by exhibiting stylish summer outfits even in hot summer days. Off-the-shoulder dress, which reveals the shoulders, can exude fashionable charm by itself. Add sunglasses that will protect your eyes from sunlight along with some accessories, and you can complete an impeccable travel style.

If you want more glamorous style, it's a good idea to use a chiffon long skirt with a side slit. You can also match a destroyed jeans with a crop top complete a cool fashion that is easy on the eyes. Sunglasses, sun block, umbrella and rain coats are a must. If you don’t want your clothes to get wet, wearing hot pants with waterproof backpack will be ideal.

Delicious food to add fun to your trip

1 Goobne Chicken Hong Kong _______ Store, South Korea’s NO.1 oven roasted chicken brand Goobne chicken. Goobne chicken has opened its locations in many Hong Kong’s hot places and they feature a variety of menus and a healthy oven roasted chicken. Goobne Chicken Hong Kong ___________ store has attracted many visitors with its open space and pleasant interior. The serce 'Honey Curry Basasak Chicken' is a popular dish that is steadily loved. Deep Cheese Chicken, savory 'Soy Garlic Chicken', and breathtakingly spicy 'Volcano Chicken'.

2 Dim Sum restaurant, Yam Cha, attracts attention with its rich taste as well as cute shapes. The cute dim sum in pig and puppy shapes, is loved by children. It is a favorite place for family travelers because they don’t use chemical seasoning. The interior with a big bird cage on the ceiling is also impressive. 'Custard Bun' filled with cream is popular menu item here.

3 Harbor City i-CREMERiA’s ‘Gold Foil Soft Ice Cream’ is considered a must-try dessert in Hong Kong. It is a soft ice cream covered with edible gold foil, and it is a favorite among women who love to take pictures. They also serve other desserts such as melon ice cream, green tea ice cream with red beans, juice and puddings. ([hoto by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, bnt news DB, Hong Kong Tourism Official Homepage, Aimee Song Instagram, Harbor City, Yum Cha Official Website)

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