Strong skin barrier? The answer is skincare!

[by Hwang So-hee ] Luxurious and expensive makeup are useless if your skin condition is not at its best. Skin that has lost its vitality and elasticity cannot absorb makeup well and it smears and collapse easily. Especially in the summer when high temperature and humid, your skin health will be on a red alert.

Unbalanced skin requires special care from the base up. During the summer when you see various skin conditions like white dead skin cells, bumpy troubles, dryness and dermatitis, the first thing to do is to strengthen you skin barrier.

We have prepared a simple skin care method to strengthen skin barrier that is threatened from external irritants. This summer, why don’t you remove the heavy makeup and show off your bare face proudly that is clear and healthy from the inside?

Step1 7 Skin method

It is important to lower the skin temperature and maintain a hydration in the summer when the skin temperature rises at high temperatures and sweat and oil are produced in large amounts. The high temperatures can cause acne and bumpy troubles. The 7 Skin method uses cool toner to lower the skin temperature and layer moisture several times to fill in hydration from within.

First, drench the toner on a cotton pad and wipe your skin once to remove dead skill cells. Then add few drops of the toner on your hand and gently wrap your face to let it absorb them. Repeat this step 7 times and you are done. The 7 skin method, which supplies hydration abundantly has the effect of relieving dry skin and preventing trouble.


3CE White Milk Peeling Toner replenishes milky energy tightly from within to make your skin clear and healthy. Removes remaining makeup residues and wastes from the skin, gently cleanses the skin texture and replenish the skin with hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and Trehalose.

Step2 Recharge Moisture

If you replenished your dehydrated skin through the 7 skin method, you need a moisturizing step that can give you dense elasticity and nutrition. If the skin is not moisturized smoothly, it will lose elasticity and cause wrinkles.

If you want to prevent wrinkles and give elasticity to your skin, use essence to absorb nutrients. The nutritional essence penetrates deeper into the skin and rejuvenates the damaged skin. During the summer, choose the essence of a light formulation that has a matte finish.


3CE White Milk Glossy Essence fills up moisture and naturally glows to perfect smooth radiant skin. It contains an ingredient that is effective in the formation of a skin’s moisturizing film, including milk protein extract, so it is perfect for dual moisture without the feeling of stickiness.

Step3 Skin barrier enhancement

 When the skin suffers from the hot air and air conditioning winds, it is not easy to recover damaged condition. Especially, the skin that is sensitized due to the external irritants can suffer from dead skin cells and troubles will not absorb makeup and collapses easily.

For sensitive skin, it is good to use mask pack that is soothes and provide rich nutrition moisturizing. The easy-to-use mask pack is effective in strengthening collapsed skin barrier and regaining healthy condition.


3CE After Sun Soothing Mask is a jelly essence that provides a soothing and radiant care for your skin. The smooth and even surface of the transparent nude cell fabric feels weightless on your skin for maximum comfort. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda 3CE)


Write: 2018-07-13 09:43:24 / Update: 2018-07-13 10:20:26

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