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Something in common for the celebrities who show the lovely attraction like Shirley – Na Yeon – IU

[by Hwang So-Hee] The celebrities are spreading the good energy to people as they are equipped with the good charms like the coolness in the hot summer. The celebrities like Shirley, Na Yeong and IU having the lovely charm are called the human vitamin and get a lot of love from people.

They not only show give the happiness for the eyes and ears of the public with their own unique attraction but also create various moods to make the image changes.

What is common for Shirley, Na Yeon and IU who are cute and have innocent look is that they all have the complete and harmonized ear, eye, mouth and nose which complete their doll-like looks. The good harmony of ear, eye, mouth and nose in their small face is the most critical factor in creating the people’s impression for them.

We have prepared the make-up styling which can create the harmonized composition of ear, eye, mouth and nose. Let’s make the lovely mood using the make-up which focuses on the eye and lip.

To create the innocent and pure image, the eye make-up using the soft colored shadow instead of the dense tint would be proper. The light beige colored shadow is widely applied to all of the eye holes and then the coral colored shadow is applied to give special points. At this time, if the eyelash curler is used to make the voluminous eyelash instead of the eye line and the mascara is applied, you can create wider eye line.

It can be said that the lip make-up plays the critical role in creating the lovely charm. It is because the make-up mood depends on the color and cosmetics. If you want the sexy and cute charm with the voluminous lip, you had better choose the glossy lipstick rather than the matte lip sticks. Let’s apply the pinkish red tint in the inside of the lip, and use the glossy lipstick to give the gloss on the lip.

Though the make-up helps to create the harmonized composition of ear, eye, mouth and nose, it is not sufficient to change the native look. Especially, those who have the look complex or whose make-up cannot create their wanted look, may lose the sense of pride. In particular, the lip is the part which the make-up cannot make any big change. It is because the lowered oral angle or the non-voluminous lip would give the despondent look.

If you did not get the look you want though you tried many efforts including the make-up, the lip filler treatment would be one of the alternative ways to solve the problem.

Doctor Yoo Young-Mun (in the medicine of plastic surgery), president of JK Plastic Surgery Clinic located in central Gangnam, Seoul, Korea said, “There are many people who have complex with their lip shape or non-voluminous lips and their number is increasing. If they are not satisfied with the make-up in creating their lip looks, the lip filler treatment is a good way for a try.

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic’s lip filler treatment is conducted by the medical doctors specializing in the plastic surgery, who have a lot of experience and knowhow through the direct consulting and uses the safe products approved of the KFDA only. Especially, it uses the products approved of their efficacy through the sufficient clinical tests in right quantity. With the short treatment, the customers can get the immediate effect. If the Botox which is proper for the treated part is put into, the customer may get more natural look.

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic located in Gangnam area has been awarded with the appreciation plaque of its good performance in attracting the patients from overseas. Through the perfect system such as keeping the anesthesiology, and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and 24-hour nurse system, the Clinic focuses on the safe treatment. In addition, as it has the operation room to which US Fed standard 209D is applied, it puts priority on the safety and is proud of no medical accident for 20 years in good cooperation with the experienced doctors. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)

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