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Complete conquest of Hong Kong Disneyland

[by Ma Chaerim] Disney land is one of the most important place to visit when you visit Hong Kong. It doesn’t matter if you have time, but if you are a tourist on tight schedule to visit numerous places, you must be concerning how you would tour the Disney Land. I would like to recommend a way to enjoy Hong Kong Disney Land and delicious food you can have afterward.

# Location of Hong Kong Disneyland and how to use it

Hong Kong Disneyland is about an hour and 15 minutes away from Tsim Sha Tsui via MRT or Star Ferry. To use MRT, you can easily find it by getting off at MRT Sunny Bay station and transferring to Disneyland Resort line, which is an exclusive line. If the transferring is inconvenient for you, let’s use Star Ferry. It departures at 11:00 a.m. and 5:15 p.m. and only takes about 45 minutes to arrive at Disneyland.

Opening hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. for both weekdays and weekends. The price of daily entrance ticket is HK$ 619 for both kid and adult. If purchase via on-line it can be purchased at cheaper price, it is recommended to check in advance. You can also purchase meal ticket in advance besides admission ticket. As it is a meal ticket that can take a menu and a drink at the designated restaurant, if you visit Disneyland this this ticket, please make sure to try cute character shaped food.

# Efficient route to see corner to corner

Hong Kong Disneyland is too big to travel for a day. It you want to tour more effectively even though it takes a whole day, you might want to refer to below recommended course. After touring the “Main Street” of Disneyland, you go to “Fantasy Land” via “Tomorrow Land”. Afterwards, visit “Toy Story Land” within “Adventure Land” to take photos to remember. Then If you go watch "The Fire Work" pass by “Mystic Point”, you can say that you thoroughly enjoyed the Hong Kong Disney Land.

# Last thing to remember

If you want to fully enjoy the Disneyland, it is recommended to arrive 30 minutes before the opening and to be line-up. If you want to enjoy every rides, try to use "FAST PASS", it allows you to enter with simple and fast by scanning the ticket barcodes on "FAST PASS" machine in front of every rides. As a tip, in Hong Kong Disneyland, you can only use "FAST PASS" on ‘Iron Man’, Winnie the Pooh’ and ‘Hyper's Space Mountain’.

Don’t forget to install the Disney application as well. Since it allows you to check the waiting time for each attraction, you can plan out the route more efficiently. You can also check the location and opening hours of restaurants and amenities in the Disneyland. Finally, souvenir store which is a must visit. If you saw an item that you like at the souvenir store at each Land, it is better to purchase at that specific store. Because if you try to purchase an item prior to the closing time, it is hard to shop comfortably because of the plenty amount of people at the store.

# Delicious food that will compliment your visit

1 Disneyland ‘Chef Mickey’, ‘Dragon wind’, ‘World of Color Restaurant’ :::

Make sure to visit various restaurants located in Disneyland. It is a good place to take photo with cute Disney character shaped snack and meal. There are so many things to see and taste such as ice cream waffle with the character drawn on top and Mickey Mouse pizza, character popcorn

2 GoobNe Chicken’s Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Branch:::

As more people consider not only the taste but also the health, N0.1 Korean oven baked chicken brand, GoobNe Chicken, becomes more popular in Hon Kong. Since its chicken is baked in oven not fried in oil, people can enjoy without worrying. GoobNe chicken, located in downtown Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, is a popular restaurant with trendy atmosphere and various menu selections. People with all age and background enjoys GoobNe. Not only family visitors who bring their children after touring Hong Kong Disneyland but also young people who wants to try out ‘Crispy Curry Chicken’ and ‘Spicy Red Pepper chicken’ frequently visit GoobNe.  (photo by GoobNe, GoobNe Chicken, bnt News DB, Official website of Hong Kong Disneyland)

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