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Skin Care Tip after summer water activity

[by Shin Yeonkyeong] Climate change is causing premature hot summer weather than usual. Every day when we go out, we feel suffocated due to scorching heat and stuffy weather. If you can blow this steamy hot weather and get out of tiring daily life, the only way would be the water activity. There are many people who are planning for the water activity follow by summer break season. 

To keep up with this need, various water activity facilities such as swimming pool and water park are opening earlier than usual; adding extra heat to the vacay season. Due to this, the interest in skin care is increasing more than ever because it is hard to enjoy summer time water activity without dealing with hot summer sun.

The Ultraviolet ray protection is essential because the reflectivity of ultraviolet ray on water surface is more than 80% and the transmissivity of UV ray is 4 times higher than normal body when your body is wet. Moreover, since the skin is facing the worst condition that skin, which is exposed to strong UV rays for a long time, can turn red and create skin trouble, it is important to pay attention to after care. If you planning for water activity this summer, let’s pay attention to this article. I would like to introduce after-care tip to restore healthy skin.

Tip 1. Increase water consumption than usual & Calming skin care

It is important to absorb water in summer when it is easy to lose water in hot weather and there is a lot of sweat. Especially, if you enjoy water activity in the sea, you have to drink more water than usual. Since the ocean can cause dehydration symptom by losing moisture of body with osmotic pressure phenomenon due to its strong salinity if you stay in for a long period of time. 

Also, if you stay in water, it is hard to realize the skin damage from the sun. Since the burned skin can be easily damaged even in a small touch, it is necessary to perform calming care to cool down your skin temperature as soon as possible.

Carry a mist with you all time and spray it whenever your skin dries up or your face heats up. The mist has excellent transient calming effect with an immediate water supply. The mist product with natural ingredient acts gently on skin and creates a moisture shield to prevent skin cells from being damaged. Mist is a must beauty item in summer season. 

Tip 2. Refill the skin flexibility with cleansing and moisturizing

Since water used in swimming pool or waterpark is contaminated with strong chemical disinfectants, microorganisms and various germs, this can be harmful for your skin. Therefore, you have to pay extra attention to cleanliness after the water activity. If your skin is not properly managed after the water activity, because it could cause trouble, eczema and inflammation, make sure to wash not only your face but also entire body not to leave chemicals or germs left on skin.

Then, let’s finish the after-care by using a moisturizing solution on dried skin cause by cleansing and lost moisture. The moisturizing phase, which provides moisture and nutrients to the skin, is the most effective way to restore damaged skin If you leave the skin to be dried, it will result that the number of pore increases and the size of pore grows remarkably by flaking and deteriorating of skin elasticity as well.

In applying moisturizer after cleansing, to apply under the state that moisture is still on the skin can keep skin to be moistures for a very long time.  It is also a good idea to pat the skin for a long time after applying the product to help exhausted skin to absorb the nutrients.

Editor’s Pick

01 HUWAY Sesamis Natural Aqua Mist is a mist product that keeps the skin moist and radiant by evenly spraying nutrients and moisture of tropical fruits such as papaya, kiwi, coconut and guava. It is perfect for the hot summer daily skincare routine because it boosts the elasticity of skin and creates moisture protection, protecting skin from external stimuli and displaying calming effect. 
02 BIODERMA Sebium Gel Moussant: it is a hypoallergenic subacid cleansing product that controls sebum to prevent glare and strengthen skin barrier at the same time. As It can be applied not only to the face but also to the body, it is perfect as a travel item.
03 Neutrogena Depp Clean Acne Foaming Wash: Please use this product, if you want a product with more abundant bubble. Salicylic acid ingredient helps the removal of bacteria that causes acne, prevents pimples and calms the skin.
04 HUWAY Sesamis N Nature Multi Cream is a skin treatment cream that balances skin oil and moisture, and also takes care of skin elasticity and moisturizing nutrition. Ingredients of guava, papaya, coconut and extract from bamboo relieve skin irritation and prevent skin cells from aging. It restores damaged skin and keeps the skin moist even under the hot sun. (photo by HUWAY, BIODERMA, Neutrogena, bnt News DB)

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