High success rate of beauty self-employed business? Dyeing workshop is the answer

[by Hwang Yeondo] The survival rate of self-employed is not escaping from the bottom. In the recent 10 years, 7.99 million self-employed people have closed their business and the probability to be survived have appeared only at the level of 20%. In Seoul and the Capital area, the survival rate is at the level of 10%, which seems to be more serious.

As such, the difficulties of the self-employed industry are not what happened yesterday. Indeed, what is the problem? According to a report, which was submitted to Ministry of Strategy and Finance by Korea Small Business Institute, "Strengthen Plan of Self-employment’s Competitiveness”, the self-employment market was pointed out that it has an excessive competition along with an economic slowdown as well, consumption decrement, short preparation time for start-up and lack of management know-how and etc.

While the situation that closure rate of self-employed business is overtaking the establishment rate of self-employed business, is appeared, self-employed business is pushed to the end of cliff. As a result, the situation with concerns of preliminary start-ups are growing. But there is a road at the end of the cliff. Experts advise that if choose a start-up items that are stable and possible to operate along with systematic preparation, the start-ups can be a solution.

In recent years, the items that have been attracting the attention are franchises, which promote mutual growth with merchants. While franchises that are systematically supportive are receiving favorable reviews from the beginning to the operation and the after-management, Naturalist dyeing workshop, "Dye to Nature", is rapidly expanding membership expansion, and is catching eye.

"Dye to Nature" is a franchise that has attracted attention in the dyeing market in recent years because it is possible to establish a dyeing room with small capital and has the brand’s own natural dyeing know-how. Because the developed hypoallergenic dye minimizes the degree of hair damage utilizing the traditional dyeing method as it is and has no side effects, it is effective for gray hair dyeing and white hair dyeing. Not only that, but it also has 1:1 customized care consultation and scalp management service, which is popular not only for middle-aged people but also for young customers of 20s to 30s.

In order to increase the success rate, the corresponding provides unsparingly from the analysis of the optimal commercial value to the target analysis considering the population of the target layer and the interior design matched with the customer's movement at the initial opening process. After opening, they provide active support for stable operation from customer case analysis and arrangement per program respectively, systematic supply from logistics team, sales analysis, and business management education.

CEO, Moon Oesuk, said, "In order to enhance the understanding of preliminary founders, a free store experience system is under processing. In addition, the know-hows, which have been developed through researchers’ long effort, such as non-irritation healthy dyeing method, healing beauty and store operation has been handed own. I would not like to spare any support to the merchants."

On the other hand, "Dye to Nature" is scheduled to perform the event from July to August, which can receive the benefit amount of 1.26M Won when purchase the membership of 500K Won. (photo by Eco-Mine, Dye to Nature)

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