Vacay lip make up that draws attention

[by Hwang Sohee] Hot summer July, the scorching sun triggers the thought of summer vacation. Many people are planning for aquatic activity to cool down the summer heat since the summer vacay season started.

Summer getaway can release daily stress and relax our exhausted body from heat; the aquatic activity is a must among them. If you are planning for summer getaway to beach, valley and water park to enjoy the cool water stream, pay attention to this.

After hours of aquatic activity, the makeup you spent hours on will get wipe away. A simple but eye-catching lip point makeup is an ideal for summer vacation to avoid makeup being worn out by sweat and water. Now, let’s reborn as a summer vacay goddess.

# Orange-red 

Sexy warm-tone skin draws attention during summer vacation. The attractive & healthy warm tone goes great with orange-colored red lip tint to finish the sexy look.

Everyone loves Orange-red color since it makes dark skin brighter as well and white skin cleaner, and for dull skin tone, it makes brighter as there is the light on the face. If you want to create perfect color tone, it would be better to apply a smooth paste following your lip line with non-polished tint.


3CE Velvet Lip Tint #Simply Speaking will keep its sorbet liquid form as soon as it touches your lips to naturally color the lips. With its Velvety tinted pigment, it can retain its first rich color for a long period without losing its vitality on lips.

# Violet

Violet color, with purity and sexy, is a special color item that enables to complete more dazzling beauty under the sun. Especially, violet lip makeup can show off your deadly charm without having to wear eye make-up nor base make-up.

If you want to utilize violet color with 100%, it is better to dye the inner line of lips with gradation to create a subtle atmosphere. In addition, if you use a blusher at a triangular zone that runs from dark circle underneath the eyes to cheeks, you can create an innocent and sexy look. 


3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot #Primula can control the concentration freely and can be used as not only lovely lip but also blusher and eye makeup; you can also create clear color tone with small amount. Its sophisticated purple violet color completes fatal charm on lips and cheeks.

# Beige 

 If you thought lip point makeup could only be used utilizing strong & bright color, you are wrong. A trendy summer makeup that cannot be exclude is the nude lip. The nude lip make-up, which emphasizes elegant feminine beauty with natural vibe, can create a chic-natural look that almost look like there is no makeup.
If you want to fully implement the attractive features of nude beige lips, it will be an excellent chose to use plain non-gloss lipstick. Before lip make-up, you can complete the perfect nude lip make-up by drawing the lip line through outlining the lips with lip liner.


3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color can express clear lip line by preventing smearing affect with primer matte texture that helps tight adhesion. With its superior blending power with creamy texture, it enables to express numerous make-up. (photo by bnt News DB, StyleNanda 3CE)  


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Write: 2018-07-20 15:13:31 / Update: 2018-07-20 15:21:48

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