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Moon Sori of ‘Life’, "The recent works are utilizing materials in genre without the attitude"

[by Kim Youngjae / photo Kim Chiyoon] Moon Sori mentioned author, Lee Sooyeon. 
On the afternoon of July 23, JTBC's new Mon-Tue drama, "Life (Script: Lee Sooyeon, Director: Hong Jongchan Lim Hyunwook)" was held at Selena Hall of the Imperial Palace Seoul in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and PD Hong Jongchan, Lee Dongwook, Jo Seungwoo, Won Jina, Yoo Jaemyeong, Moon Sori and Lee Gyuhyeong were attended.

Author, Lee Sooyeon, is a so-called 'Monster New Author' who wrote a 'Secret Forest', which awarded the grand prize of TV category and the prize of script at 'The 54th Baeksang Arts Grand Prize'. Moon Sori appeared for the first time in Lee Sooyeon's work, 'Life'.

She said that "In recent years, many scripts have dealt with any problems in politics, economics and cultures as an its material," and "but those are utilizing it as a genre material, there are not many script that has the attitude of telling some story as a will".

Moon Sori said, "This trend is in a movie and so in a drama, too. I was surprised when I saw the script of Lee Sooyeon because there was what I felt seriously. " and, "I am in school now, and I am teaching at school. The education system circle is a place where the view of value to see and go further seeing right beliefs and long period is so important. I have deplored the situation that the logic of money became the first in the education system too, and it made me to think that "the medical system was the same". and the common problems of the education and the medical system were dissolved in the book of Lee Sooyeon.

Moon Sori said, "It was amazing that there was a drama that throws this story so sharply squarely. and it was a drama to make me thought that I hope to go together.”, and "I think that there are very few works that have such a theme; how do we increase an immunity and what a view of value to keep in society?", and announced that it is the power of author, Lee Sooyeon, to dig into the inside with the material.

'Life' is the work of a story in which the beliefs between those who want to keep and those who want to change collide in various groups of the hospital, like an intense antigen-antibody reaction in our body.

Meanwhile, 'Life', a new Mon-Tue drama of JTBC, will be broadcasted at 11 pm on the 23rd for the first time following the 'Miss Hammurabi'.

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Write: 2018-07-27 09:22:58 / Update: 2018-07-27 00:00:00

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