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Snipe at Summer! Natural Tone-On-Tone Make-up

[by Hwang Sohee] In a hot and sweaty summer season even when it is still, it will be better to create a natural mood with a light makeup as thin as the clothing. Thick base make-up and dark tones to compensate the faults are easily messy with the spreading by sweat and oil.

If you want to spend a cool summer, let's refer to the natural tone-on-tone make-up style that strips away with a thick make-up. Tone-on-tone make-up that gives off a refreshing mood can emphasize a natural charm, and maximize the original beauty.

The characteristic of tone-on-tone make-up is not giving points with intense colors, but adding harmony to the overall make-up with an ambient color that adds vitality. Why don't you try a fresh change with natural make-up this summer, which is choked by the hot heat?

▶ Extremely Transparent skin like not distinguishable whether it was make-up or not

In the summer season when make-up is quickly collapsed due to high temperature and humidity, a make-up with thin and light base is the best. If you want a natural make-up, please focus on transparent skin expression rather than matt or wet feeling. However, a natural base makeup, which is not distinguishable whether the make-up is done or not, is much more difficult than a cover make-up that compensate faults perfectly. Even though you have an experienced make-up skill, because it is not easy to create an extremely transparent base make-up that can be looked over skin with the compensation of the faults at the same time.

If you feel a difficulty making transparent base make-up, it is excellent to utilize primer. If you cover primer before use of foundation or concealer, it is able to create smooth skin expression with only a small amount of base by arranging smoothly skin irregularities and noticeable pores.


3CE Back To Baby Pore Velvet Primer is a cream type formula that controls oil and covers irregularities to create smooth skin texture without greasy material. It prevents thickening of make-up and provides a feeling of finish that are moisturizing inside and smooth on the outside. It can preserve a base make-up that is easy to collapse for a long time by applying a Smart Darkening Prevention System.

▶ Delicate Blusher to add an vitality

In tone-on-tone make-up, the point is the blusher that gives the vitality and whole harmony at the same time. The blusher that colors both cheeks smoothly creates a lovely mood and completes a girl-like mood.

Please pay attention, if you swept away the shedding and highlights for a stereoscopic face. With one blusher, you can create neat and sophisticated make-up as well as a clear appearance. If light pink toned blusher can be applied from the triangular zone below the eyes to the clown line, it can cover the dark areas such as dark circles and create a natural face color on the pale face.


3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot is a light airy matte texture like air, and can feel smooth and comfortable feeling of finishing. It creates clear color with high pigment, and can complete clean cheeks, lovely lip and eye makeup with a small amount. Premuler is a sophisticated purple violet color, and creates a fatal attraction.

▶ Snip at preference! Lovely Lip

Even if it focuses on a clear and transparent mood, it will be wrong that it can be exclude lips. In natural tone-on-tone make-up, it will be better to give a natural gradient like that have a bite floral leaf with lips color same as blusher, instead of giving point with an intense color.
Lip make-up determines overall mood according what color and texture are chosen. To choose lipstick product of tint-type rather than gloss and shine lip gloss and lipstick is the core of tone-on-tone make-up. If you add the color on your lips once more after putting a lip tint on the inside of lips and give it a gradient, it can add the vitality and preserve more clear color for a long time.


3CE Velvet Lip Tint is completed with a sherbet type that is like immediately melted, and adheres with lips naturally by coloring on lips. Thick, but a light spherical elastomer completes smoothly between the wrinkle of the lips as if the primer has been covered, and it can neatly adhere and can complete smooth and soft lips. Enjoy Love Color boasts a color feeling as calm and clear, completes a romantic mood. (photo by bnt News DB, StyleNanda 3CE)

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