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Cosmetics for my baby, Pay attention to the ingredient!

[by Hwang Yeondo] It is natural to think that the skin of the newborn baby will be soft and smooth. However, because it is an inevitable that the stimulus sensitive baby skin has lower immunity than the adult, there are many cases to go through with troubles such as grainy pimple, newborn congenital fever, and atopy.

The sudden trouble of a newborn baby makes the heart of mother to be anxious. If she is a mom of a newborn baby, who does not know what to do, it will be more embarrassing. Even if eat only one thing wrong or touch the thing that can be a stimulus, the skin of a baby can be surprised. Especially, if use cosmetics that do not fit, the skin of baby may get all to be turned over.

In recent days, the judgement on the occurrence of ovarian cancer of the company J, which was known as a representative brand of baby lotion, was fully shocking. You should check all ingredients carefully, not deceived by the advertisement of cosmetics any more. In order to be a smart consumer, there is no way but to check and analyze carefully. If you want to purchase cosmetics for a baby smartly, please refer to follows.

#The ingredients to be noticed in selection of cosmetics

Paraben: It is the most widely used preservative in case of manufacturing cosmetics, it acts as a roll to prevent the corruption of cosmetics by suppressing microbial propagation. However, the result of research has reported that the endocrine system may be disturbed and cause disability when the corresponding ingredient is used consistently. Because it has a good absorption into the skin, when cosmetics that contains paraben ingredients is used, it may cause skin irritation and allergic reactions and active oxygen.

Trichlo Acid: It is an antibacterial and antimicrobial chemical material that has a sterilizing or insecticidal effect. It is a material that has a possibility to stimulate the hormone system and cause an imbalance, and it is a material that can cause endocrine disorders and besides, liver fibrosis, rhinitis and allergies.

Mineral oil: It is a mineral oil which is extracted from petroleum. It acts to coat the skin, but it interferes with the ability of natural toxins to discharge, and causes skin diseases such as pimples, which can interfere with normal skin function and cell growth, and can stimulates  aging.

Petrolatum: It is a widely used ingredient is a common in lip balm, hand cream as well as Vaseline, which is commonly used in winter season. There is an immediate moisturizing effect, but when it is used in large amounts, it has the possibility to interfere with skin respiration. And, it is not good because it is oily and sticky and there is may cases to be used in mixed with silicones or chemical ingredients due to bad sense of usage.

Propylene Glycol: It is an ingredient that acts a role as a moisturizer like glycerin, and is used as multi-purpose such by mixing pigments or oils with water. However, the corresponding ingredient may cause long-term toxicity and skin irritation, and especially, it should be careful because carcinogens, which is not fully reacted in the synthesis process, may be left in in cocobetaine-based interfacial synthesizing agents.

Artificial Colorant (Tar colorant): It was originally developed for the coloration of fibers, and it is a synthesized colorant from benzene or naphthalene, which is contained in coal tar, a by-product of coal. In case of inhalation, the corresponding ingredient may interfere with the action of digestive enzymes and cause carcinogenic problems. And, it can cause asthma and diarrhea, skin allergies and urticaria.

# Method to choose baby cosmetics meticulously

Recently, the width of mothers' choice has expanded according that the launch of baby cosmetics has increased. However, this also means that it is difficult to choose good baby cosmetics. Moreover, as many companies are spreading out various promotional marketing under the title of 'Good baby cosmetics', it is making the eyes of consumer's choice dizzy.

First, let's check the whole ingredients. Often, there are many case to promote baby cosmetics by using phrases such as 'Use harmless raw materials to human body', 'No use XX ingredients’, 'Exclude XX ingredients' and 'Low stimulating ingredients'. However, it is an insufficient that there is no choice but to see the simple promotional phrases only. Therefore, let's take a look carefully with keen eye whether there are any ingredients that may cause irritation. Also, even if there is no reaction to other babies, because there may be ingredients that have harmful effects on my baby, when choosing cosmetics, make sure to check the ingredients that were a problem in previous and purchase products that doesn't contain those.

Second, let's purchase paraben-free products. The choice of a product that excludes paraben, which is the most problematic ingredient recently, is a basic to smart mothers. Regardless of adult or infant cosmetics, the content of paraben is regulated as 0.4% or less in Korea. The problem is in case of coating multiple products, if it is so, it means to absorb as much paraben as you can. It should be careful because the research results that cause dermatitis and allergy are following due to a material of endocrine disruption.

Third, let's check the grade of EWG. It is a grade that provides the cosmetic ingredient safety index in the basis of objective data to judge the risk of cosmetic raw materials from the non-profit environmental group, EWG (Environmental Working Group), which is located in Washington, USA. It is divided from 0 to 10 grades, and since the lower the number, the safer it is, so let's check carefully and choose cosmetics.

#Editor’s Pick 

For MaMa's is a safe and nature-friendly infant brand, which does not contain harmful ingredients. All ingredients of baby product line used a safety grade and got the level of EWG GREEN LEVEL and it is getting word-of-mouth as a good cosmetic for atopy, by an excellent effect before and after use.

Especially, 'Aqua Balance Honey Emulsion' is a product that is well known as a cosmetic product, which is possible smoothing care that eliminate baby's congenital fever smoothly. To protect the skin from external stimulus, it is composed with a weak acidity between pH 5 to pH 6.m and it is a baby lotion which can a low irritation care with vegetable raw material and is possible to coat with smooth feeling. It has excellent property for skin miniaturization and water film formation by containing shear butter ingredient, and It is a lotion that nutrition is rich which is able to care the skin barrier healthy and strongly. (photo by Ecomine, For MaMa's)

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