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Really 50s? Kim Seongryeong-Kim Heeae-Chae Sira, Stars who turning back time

[by Hwang Sohee] Even if the facial fat, which is drooped with nasolabial folds including increased wrinkles around the eyes one by one, is a natural trace as older, if it is possible, you would like to go back to the twenties boasting of bouncy and smooth skin, but it's just a wish, and the harsh time does not wait for you. For those who sigh while watching the traces of time in the mirror, I would like to introduce the secrets of stars who maintains their unchanged appearance.

When you are looking at the stars in the TV, there are few people who is not curious why wrinkles and skin laxity only appear to me while living in obviously the same period of life with them. What are the secrets of them who keep the beautiful appearances constant even as time goes by?

The common point of middle aged actress, Kim Seongryeong, Kim Heeae, and Chae Sira who passed the age of 40s is to preserve the consistent beauty like ignoring the passing of time. These 3 middle-aged actresses who live capturing the envy of women by showing off the consistent appearances ignoring the words, "No strong person in front of time", show a bouncy and clean skin without wrinkles.

Let's see how we should manage our skin to maintain the smooth skin like Kim Seongryeong, Kim Heeae, and Chae Sira.

The secret of smooth skin texture without wrinkles is a clean washing face. If the base skin is not good, no matter how good the coverage ability is, make-up can be useless. To wash out all the wastes and residuals of make-up, which was accumulated during a day, is the most important than anything.

First, make your hands to be clean by washing hands before washing face, and wash out face thoroughly with a foam cleanser. At this time, if the water temperature is hot, since it can be the cause to make the dryness and wrinkle, it is a core to use warm water.

The method of washing face that make the base of skin is also important, but if you are trying to solve the fundamental problems like wrinkles and losing of bouncy skin, to get the professional help such as facial lifting can obtain more effective results.

Bae Junsung(Plastic surgery specialist), the representative doctor of JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, who is famous for anti-aging, advises that "In order to complete healthy skin and unchanged beautiful appearance, it needs consistent efforts that results from lifestyle habits. If you want to manage a healthy body and make a more definite change with an exercise or a control of eating habits, consideration of the method to lift your face entirely with the facial lifting also can be a solution".

Bae Junsung, the representative doctor, comments that "Facial lifting can be a solution for those who are agonizing about serious wrinkles on overall face or laxity of the cheeks and jaws due to aging. Because there are the differences of individual face shape and skin, it is important to receive an intensive counseling from experienced facial outline specialists and determine the appropriate surgical method and level."

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, which foreigners trust and visit and who have been awarded the achievement prize for an excellent performance cooperative institution of attracting foreign patients in Gangnam-gu, and prioritizes the analysis and diagnosis as well as health status of patient with 'One-Stop Pre-Operative Examination'. Anesthesiology specialist is always staying in the hospital, and the operating rooms based on the regulations of US FED, Standard 209D are equipped. In addition, the safety of patients such as the implementation of CPR (emergency response) team and the possession of emergency kits is considered as top priority, considering the possibility of inevitable emergency occurring. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)

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